Enchanting Activities in London at Christmas Time

London Christmas Activities

Enchanting Things To Do In London at Christmas Time

London in winter is already magical; add to it the charm of the Christmas festivities, and you have a genuinely unmatchable Christmas experience that you will never forget.  Whether you are traveling there alone or with your friends and family, London during Christmas is a perfect time to revel in the holiday spirit and make lifelong memories of a truly mystical atmosphere.

But if you aren’t too familiar with the place, it is very easy to get overwhelmed, especially with the bustling streets, overtly crowded markets, and booked-out hotel reservations. Spontaneity is good but not during the most festive time of the year cause you may even miss out on some must-do/see Christmas events.

Here’s a guide to some of the most fascinating things London offers during Christmas time that you absolutely must do to experience the true winter wonderland in London during the magical Christmas time.

List of things to do in London at Christmas time

1. The Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

London Hyde Park Christmas Market

Wikimedia by Cristian Bortes

Starting the list with the must-do attraction of winter wonderland in Hyde park.  Think of an amusement park with a Christmas theme, with attractions for everyone in the group.

This annual event converts Hyde park into a Christmas wonderland that is full of beautiful views on every street corner, roller coasters and rides, an ice skating rink, and many food stalls, markets, and bars, all decked up in the beautiful pine decor and Christmas cheer. Highly recommended for families to visit during Christmas in London.

2. Ice Skating in London

Another one of the most recommended things to do on your London Christmas trip would be to experience ice skating in the City. You can choose from famous ice skating venues like the Tower of London, the natural history Museum, the canary wharf, or Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

Unlike any other places you might have been to for ice skating, This will be a wonderful experience with a beautifully lit sky and accents of red and gold everywhere with the Christmas charm that will make it extra special.

3. Go Touring for the Beautiful Christmas Lights

There’s nothing more festive than watching your usual street decked up in beautiful lights for Christmas, and more so if you’re talking of the roads in London. Enjoy a stroll through some of the best streets decked in Christmas lights during this time.

London Christmas Tips

Head over to any of the famous streets like Goodge Street or Carnaby street for their magnificent display of lights. Additionally, don’t miss out on watching the festive window displays of luxury stores like Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges, Tiffany’s, and even Stella McCartney; these stores have the grandest decor displays that are worth a visit.

4. Go Shopping in the London Christmas Markets

Shopping in London during this time is one of the ultimate Christmas shopping experiences in the world. Iconic stores like Harrods and Hamleys have magnificently lit exteriors and grand displays inside, they also carry some of the best deals and gift options perfect for spreading Christmas cheer.

Visit London’s famous Shopping streets and Christmas markets for the true feeling of an enchanting London Christmas and a genuinely unmatchable Christmas shopping experience.

5. Visit the Giant Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square

Your authentic London Christmas experience will be incomplete without a visit to this iconic Christmas tree. As a tradition, the Norwegians give a large, almost 82-foot-long Christmas tree to London stationed in Trafalgar square and lit up most beautifully with hundreds of lights and decorations.

Unquestionably one of the best Christmas celebrations would be to visit this tree in its full-lit glory and watch some English carol singers’ performances.

6. Watch a Christmas Show

Christmas in London is the best time to catch a Christmas show in the iconic west end. Throughout December, there are numerous Christmas shows in London that you must watch.

For the more famous ones, tickets get sold out very fast; hence, if you wish to see the more known shows, make reservations in advance.

7. Visit Santa’s Grottos in London

What is a Christmas without meeting Santa, right? Well, meet Santa and receive presents in any of the Santas grottos around the city. Especially if you are traveling with children, a visit to this place will be the highlight of their trip.

Kids can meet Santa, talk to him and receive gifts from him. Iconic street markets and places like Hamleys etc., have these Santa’s grottos that you can visit with kids during this time.

8. Choose A Festive Restaurant for Dinner

While the city is decked up in lights, even the most iconic and Romantic restaurants of London turn into the festive Christmas mood and serve exceptional food at this time. Whether you want to choose from a candle-lit experience or enjoy an authentic afternoon tea experience has everything to offer.

Choose your restaurants beforehand and call ahead of time to make reservations, many of these festive restaurants get booked up fast.

9. Admire London From Above

What’s better than watching London from the London eye, right? Well, watching the Christmas time London from above.

London Eye at Christmas

The iconic London eye gives some breathtaking views of London. It is an unmissable attraction of the city, but add to it the beauty of night tie Christmas, and it elevates to another level of city beauty.

Don’t miss a chance to experience this spectacular view of Christmas in London from above. You will definitely remember this for a long time.

10. Take a Festive Cruise on the Thames

If watching London from above wasn’t enough, another beautiful way to see the festive London is to take a cruise along the Thames river for some of the city’s best views.

While on the cruise, you can enjoy a romantic night with some of the best views of the lights at Canary wharf, great food, and Jazz music.

Content Takeaways

London is unquestionably one of the most romantic places in the world. But the city truly transforms into a winter wonderland during Christmas that you must see it to understand truly.

With Christmas fast approaching, we hope this list helps you plan the most beautiful Christmas vacation in London, and you come back with the most memorable memories of a truly magical Christmas.

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