Europe’s Most Breathtaking Campsites For Your Next Camping Adventure

Top Europe Camping Sites

The Most Breathtaking Campsites in Europe

Europe is no doubt one of the most beautiful places to visit. With the increase in tourism after the pandemic, the tourism industry has emerged again. In June 2022, 289.6 million nights were spent in EU tourist accommodations. Many couples and families visit Europe to spend time with their loved ones away from their daily life. This experience is further enhanced by breathtaking and beautiful views at various campsites in Europe. Since tourism is coming back to normal after the pandemic, people apply for visas to go to different destinations for vacations and holidays at an increasing rate.  Here are our recommendations for the most scenic campsites in Europe.

Preparing in Advance

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Camping in Europe

Here are some of the famous campsites you don’t want to miss out on if you are a hiker or simply love nature and a peaceful environment.

Camping La Pointe, Brittany, France

Camping la pointe, Brittany, France, is a spacious campsite with a relaxed atmosphere, spacious pitches, and dividing hedges that can easily accommodate your tent.

One can also fish for salmon in the nearby rivers and relax in nature with the flowing river’s beautiful view and rushing noise.

Camping Münstertal, Germany

Located in Germany, this campsite is more feasible for camping enthusiasts. It is located in the southern Black Forest, and you can find private rental pools, swimming pools, and sauna areas nearby. You can also fish for trout in the fishing ponds present around the campsite.

A train departs from the campsite to the town of Staufen, and tourists can visit the town anytime they please. Moreover, the steep slopes of the Black Forest are excellent for bikers.

D’Olde Camp, Ansen, The Netherlands

If you love open fields and quiet, peaceful environments, this campsite is the one for you. This campsite offers all the country life services, e.g., Wi-Fi, food delivery, and coffee served each morning. It gives you all the facilities of modern times while providing you with a peaceful and calm environment.

Zur Muhle, Black Forest, Germany

Zur Muhle, Black Forest, located in Germany, is a very versatile campsite offering you cycling routes, camping tracks, a creek for paddling, and a beautiful view of the hills between the trees. This site is best for people who wish to disconnect from the world for a few days.

A few grocery stores and fresh bread delivery services are available. In short, it is a perfect place to relax.

Europe Top Campsites

Camping Lindenhof, Bern, Switzerland

It is one of the most beautiful camping sites in Switzerland, with the vineyard slopes of Seeland, the Jura Hills being on the opposite, giving you an exquisite view, and Lake Biel being a stone’s throw away. It certainly gives you a magical feeling to walk the Grand Canyon or walk through the vineyards.

On top of that, the site offers sustainable practices through energy generated from solar panels and selling fresh apples and cherries from the orchard.

Camping de la Cascade, Coo, Belgium

This campsite mostly has a region of forests and rolling hills. It is best for campers who like swimming, fishing, walking, hiking, and strolling through the beautiful landscape. It is a versatile and peaceful space.

The landscape is not crowded, and you are not allowed to park cars on the campsite, so they occasionally come to unload tents and other equipment. The nearby areas include a beautiful waterfall and a lovely village.

Strotzbüscher Mühle, Germany

This campsite is for people who wish to feel more at home. The road leading to the beautiful landscape is very steep, which can cause complications for larger caravans or campers. The landscape itself does not have any clearly defined pitches, which gives the campers the freedom to camp anywhere in an open landscape.

The nearby hostel has a cozy atmosphere and an excellent menu, makings the experience even better.

Strandcamping Waging am See, Germany

Lake waging, the warmest lake in Bavaria, offers many fun water activities and sports on its own beach. Apart from water sports, this beach provides other sports facilities like a volleyball court, tennis, golf, and horse riding.

It also has a restaurant which you can use when you do not feel like cooking after camping. The town of waging is accessible by bike, and the overall atmosphere is beach-like. It’s like camping on a beach.

Camp Vala, Mokalo, Croatia

This small coastal campsite, connected to a sea, mountain, and forest, has a historical value (The birthplace of Marco polo). It is located near a pebble beach, and the forest is spread with olive and pine trees that provide shade in the midday heat.


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