Great Ways to Make The Most of Idle Time While Traveling

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Top Tier Travel Tips: How to Make the Most of Idle Time

Traveling to distant places and tourist hotspots can be an unforgettable experience, but it rarely comes without its fair share of challenges. While it can be fantastic to travel to incredible locations and take in the scenery you’ve never experienced, traveling comes with quite a bit of idle time.

Many people often end up restless during the idle moments of traveling, specifically those moments when you’re on the bus or lounging in your hotel room. Idle time can sometimes feel awkward, but there are plenty of ways to push for productivity while you wind down and look forward to a relaxing Tel Aviv beach experience the next day! Here are some tips to help you make the most out of idle time during your travels.

Make a Travel Journal

A travel journal can be a surprising amount of fun, especially for those who don’t typically write in a journal. You can spend your time recording your thoughts, which can be surprisingly cathartic. The thing about traveling abroad to a place you’ve never experienced is that it can often be intimidating and overwhelming. Writing a journal can allow you to take stock of the situation and collect your thoughts.

It also has the added benefit of giving you extra insight when you read the journal after your trip. It can help take you back to your headspace when you were taking everything in. It’s a surprisingly effective way of managing idle time.

Use this time to organize and edit the photos you have taken so far.

Use Fun Mobile Apps to pass the time

One of the best ways to pass idle time is to have fun with mobile apps. As an extra tip, you don’t necessarily have to write anything down in a physical journal if you’re more used to the touchpad of your smartphone. You can instead jot your thoughts down on your phone.

For those who want to have more fun, there are all manner of mobile apps you can try. There are even ebooks, allowing you to read your favorite books while traveling or idling. The trouble with reading is it can often make you dizzy, so it’s not necessarily recommended for those traveling via bus or car.  Consider using an audiobooks app to listen to books when you’re on moving transportation.

Research things to do at your next stop, best restaurants in the area you will be staying in, and what the weather will be like. You can even watch a virtual walking tour of the places you will visit.

Keep in Touch with your Loved Ones

It can be surprisingly fun to speak to loved ones back home during your idle time. You can let them know about what you’ve experienced and share pictures and videos. It can also help you feel less alone, as traveling abroad can be stressful if you’re on your own.

If you’re traveling with your family, idle time is perfect to bond and talk about what you’re looking forward to. While you likely already have plans for the duration of your travels, you might end up brainstorming something new.


Aside from the tips above, you can gather your bearings and go through the pictures and videos you’ve taken so far. Idle time can be somewhat awkward, but there are plenty of ways you can have fun and be productive. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with kicking your feet up and taking the time to relax.


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