What You Need To Know To Travel To Las Vegas With Your Dog

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Las Vegas With Pets

Things To Know When Traveling To Las Vegas with a Dog

A lot of us who have dogs don’t have access to pet care when we go away, and of course, we don’t want to be separated from our four-legged buddies. Luckily, there are a lot of places where you can go and take your dog with you, and while you might not be able to visit many of the casinos with your dog, there are plenty of hotels and things you can do that are pet-friendly in Las Vegas.

Of course, if you have a service dog, the rules are different and this will open up a lot more places where you are allowed to go as it is your right.

Great Pet Friendly Places and Activities

Walk The Strip

The Strip has some of the most amazing sights in Vegas. It is a landmark that is known all over the world, and you can take your dog with you along the strip as you walk. Of course, it may impact the places where you can go, but there are likely to be some food and drink vendors you can use while you explore, and you may find coffee shops if you need a break with some air conditioning and a drink.

Try to do this when the heat is not too drastic, as dogs can really struggle with the hot conditions. More on this later.

Las Vegas does have some rules on the subject, as dogs are only permitted to walk on the Las Vegas Strip from the hours of 5 am to Midday. They also need to be on a short restraint at all times and can’t walk off the leash.

Mingle At The Dog Parks

Like a lot of places in the US, there are plenty of dog owners in Las Vegas and therefore a lot of dog parks. You can visit Woofter Family Park a great dog park, as well as the City of Las Vegas Dog Park.

These are great places to spend a little time and even get chatting with other dog owners and dog lovers.

Best Dog-Friendly Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

You might be surprised to learn that some of the most famous hotels on the Las Vegas Strip are open to dogs!

They tend to have specific programs for dogs and this means that you need to tell the hotel when you are coming and also potentially pay an extra, or a deposit.

MGM Resorts has its own program called Very Important Dog treatment. With this, you get a dog room service menu and a luxurious stay for your dog. Of course, you do pay extra for this.

Vdara Hotel & Spa has VDOG suites which have round-the-clock parks where you can take your dog.

Caesar’s entertainments also offer the PetStay program which you can sign up for and bring your dog with you.

Tail-wagging Adventures

As well as the dog-friendly places where you can go, there are plenty of adventures that you can go on. There are some stunning places where you can go for a walk, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area being one example of a place where you can tire out your dog with a nice long walk. Just make sure it isn’t too hot.

Lake Las Vegas is a spot where you can take your dog for an adventure and even let them jump in and cool off, assuming they are adept at swimming.

If you want to make it all about your dog, there are even salons where you can take your pooch for some pampering.

You Can Shop with Your Dog

Plenty of shops are dog-friendly, too, but you should definitely check before you walk in with your pet.

There are restaurants such as Lazy Dog (Town Square and Downtown Summerlin), Park on Fremont, and the Triple George Grill. Many of these allow you to sit with your dog on the patio area, even if you can’t go to the restaurant.

Dogs, Las Vegas, and the HEAT

In case you didn’t know, Las Vegas is very hot.

Some people recommend that anything over 68°F is a risk for your dogs when you go for a walk, but it depends on a lot of aspects including whether your dog has a thick coat. You can also buy products to help to keep your dog cool and ensure you regularly take them somewhere air-conditioned to cool off.

The cooler the temperature, the better, at least this is true when it comes to walking your dog in Las Vegas. The early morning walks when you are allowed on The Strip with your dog can be the best possible option to protect your pup’s health, and it is an amazing way to see the city.

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