Great Reasons to Visit Dubai by Car

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Diving in Dubai

4 Top Reasons to Visit Dubai

Dubai has something to offer even the most sophisticated tourists, because everyone knows that in this city everything is the best: high, big, expensive and beautiful. For what else, besides the bright sun and a chic beach holiday, millions of tourists go to Dubai, read our article.

Although the emirate is not too big, it would be very prudent to luxury car hire Dubai to travel around it. Such a need is connected with the heat, because not every northerner is able to endure such heat, and the cars are equipped luxury car hire dubai with air conditioning. You can easily find such a car prepared for the heat on car rental sites. Here are hundreds of cars from the largest rental companies and at very competitive prices. This is due to the fact that rental companies cannot openly offer low prices. And using the services of renting luxury cars, they can offer you the best price so that your vacation in the UAE is not only comfortable, but also economical.

Things To Know About Driving in Dubai

The rules of the road in the UAE do not differ from the rules around the world, except of 2 main provisions:

  • Left-hand interference rule applies;
  • In roundabouts, the vehicle on the roundabout always has the advantage.

The traffic police of the UAE strictly monitors compliance with the rules of the road on the roads of the country. The maximum allowed speed in the city is 60 km/h, on certain highways (only in Dubai) – up to 100 km/h, on country roads – up to 120 km/h.

Passenger buses are prohibited from driving outside the city over 100 km/h.  At the same time, control over compliance with the speed limit is carried out using radars and automatic cameras located everywhere.

Places to Explore by Rental Car in Dubai

Admire the marine life in the largest aquarium in the world

The greatest shopping and entertainment center in the Middle East, Dubai Mall, is home to an astonishing 10 million liter aquarium. This aquarium’s tunnel is its most impressive feature, where guests can observe countless fish, stingrays, and even sharks swimming above their heads. Visitors are surrounded by the aquarium’s walls on all sides, giving the impression that they are at the ocean’s absolute bottom. Shark diving is a breath-taking attraction available for thrill-seekers. Above the aquarium, there is a zoo with penguins, turtles, snakes, and other reptiles.

See and hear the largest light and music fountain

This fountain, impressive in its beauty and size, is installed on an artificial lake near the Burj Khalifa tower. It was designed by the same company that developed the fountain near the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. The length of the water structure is about 280 m, and the height of the jets is comparable to the height of a house of 50 floors. The fountain can produce jets of various shapes, and gas sensors and smoke generators create the effects of flames and smoke. The dance of the jets, accompanied by music and light, can be admired daily every half an hour from 19.30 to 23.00. There are about 25 compositions to which the fountains “dance”, among them – the anthem of the United Arab Emirates, songs by Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Jackson, famous movie soundtracks.

Go skiing in the indoor complex

Ski Dubai is a ski resort for thrilling vacation that is accessible all year round. Its area reaches 22 thousand km2, which allows 1,500 visitors to ride safely. The operation of the complex is supported by special installations that produce several tons of artificial snow every day, constantly updating the upper three-centimeter layer. There are five slopes of varying difficulty, lifts, a bobsleigh track, and snowboarding tracks. In addition to all this, the complex includes an ice cave and ledges for rock climbing. It is possible to take warm clothes, skis and snowboards for rent.

View the city from the top of the Burj Khalifa

With an 828 m height, the Burj Khalifa is currently the world’s tallest structure. The building has 163 stories in all, not including the basement. It has apartments, offices, a hotel, a mall, a spa, and a swimming pool. The tallest restaurant in the world, Atmosfera, is located on the 122nd floor, while the 100th floor is fully owned by an Indian millionaire. The 57 elevators in the building operate at a 10 m/s pace. Visitors can climb to the 124th story observation deck to get a view of the city. The world’s highest observation deck is located here. The finest time to visit is in the evening when the magnificent city illumination is lit up.

Dubai is a wonderful city which has experienced a construction and investment boom in the last two decades. There are so many attractions in Dubai that it will not work to get acquainted with them in one vacation. We have selected four of the most interesting attractions in our opinion, which you should visit if you decide to spend your vacation in Dubai.


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