Mixology Class in Melbourne a Fun Way to Learn Cocktail Making for Beginners

Mixology Classes

Cocktail Making for Beginners in Melbourne

Cocktail making, sometimes called mixology, is the combining of two or three of your favorite spirits and generating what we know as a cocktail! This includes forming the perfect blend of flavors, including what accompaniments each other, right down to the kind of glassware and the number of ice used.

While it might sound complicated, the Cocktail Making Classes in Melbourne are ideally aimed at beginners! As any bartender will explain to you, having a good understanding of what makes a delightful drink doesn’t need any experience, just some secret information, and tricks. So not only will you gain a few valuable skills but you can also enjoy this fun experience to celebrate an exclusive occasion, from hen’s parties to group building activities. You’ll learn from an experienced bartender that the mixology classes make for awesome indoor activities that Melbourne residents are always seeking when the weather outside is less than ideal.

What to expect at Melbourne cocktail-making classes

There are a number of classes that you can sign up for in the city. Opt for a mixology assisted class or try your hand at a bartending course. No matter which cocktail course you elect, you’ll walk away with a few of the important skills of a professional bartender. Plus, these cocktail classes are lots of fun for a social night out too.

Cocktail classes are one of those Melbourne workshops that are engaging for just about everyone of legal drinking age. It’s one of the more fun things to do in Melbourne for couples and it makes for the best after-work team bonding activity for associated teams. It’s also great for hens or bucks, or just groups of friends looking for the great things to do in Melbourne.

In the mixology class, a certified bartender and mixology master will walk you through how to make an impeccable drink. Then, you’ll have a chance to generate your creations. Once everyone has a reliable hand at cocktail making, you’ll all bring to sit back and enjoy your specialty drinks.

Eau De Vie Cocktail Master Class

Eau De cocktail-making master classes are an excellent way to analyze your inner myxologist. Led by a professional bartender, Eau De Vie offers three distinct 1-hour classes, or generates something customizable for you! In their Shaken class, you can select from a Marmalade Martini, Aviator, Cosmo, or 20th Century. Those who advise something Stirred can elect from an Espresso Abalone, Honey Butter, Old Fashioned, or Bitter Stripper. For the advent curious kind Eau De Vie also has a pick of Built drinks such as an April Spirits or Dark & Stormy Monitor.

Eau De Melbourne CBD bar offers an exclusive prohibition era American speakeasy setting, complete with passionate bartenders. Mixology master classes are held in a 1920’s style whisky room as either part of an evening ceremony, or as an afternoon activity. Enjoy a type of seating option, containing bar seating, high tables, low banquettes, coffee tables, and personal booths.



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