Most Delicious Foods of Columbia and Where To Find Them

Columbia Cuisine

Top Regional Foods Of Columbia And Where To Find Them

If you are planning to travel to Columbia, then it is not about the landscape but also about the people. But this time is different because maybe you want to make your taste buds happy. Every year, people from outside not only visit Columbia to see the landscape but also taste the delicious gastronomy, traditional Colombian food, and other unique experiences for your palate.

In preparation for your visit, it may be difficult for you to get a Colombia visa, especially if you are visiting for the first time. In this case, you should contact the experts. Now let’s talk about the Colombian food that is available in Columbia.

What Types Of Regional Foods Are There In Columbia?

If you have never been to the beautiful country of Columbia, then I am sure that you must be wondering about the foods they have for their everyday routine. The country of Columbia is mainly blessed with nature because this is a fertile country.

Here you will get various organic things like Fish, fruits, chocolate, various dairy products, and so on. In this country, you will get fresh meats and vegetables. The number of Vegetarian Restaurants is less in Columbia. Therefore the dishes of Columbia generally don’t serve with spices or ornaments but, in short, just simply.

The Regional Foods Of Columbia And Where To Find Them

Below we have mentioned the regional foods of Columbia and the places from where you will get them.

1) El Colombiano Colombian Cuisine

If you are planning to travel to Columbia, then two clearly differentiated regional delicacies are distinguished. In this case, you will get food from two different regions, one is mountainous areas, and the other the Caribbean and Pacific coasts.

In this case, regardless of the region, your breakfast in Colombia consists of eggs. One of the famous Colombian dishes is precious eggs, and it is served with scrambled onion and tomato. Not only that but it is also served with crushed banana slices, which are deep-fried. You will also get with this dish like a cup of Tinto or milk chocolate.

But Columbians generally prefer to dine at home, and that is why most restaurants are only open at noon time. But you don’t have to take the burden if you are an outside visitor because there are many restaurants where you can get food at dining time also. Despite the rice and beans, there are several regional special Colombian foods that you can enjoy.

2) Empanadas

Empanadas are one of the most favorite foods in the world’s people. It is a traditional food that is prepared with corn-based flour, which is yellow in color. But it is not one of the Vegan Restaurants.

Colombian Empanadas are mainly filled with meat like beef, pork, and chicken. Or sometimes, these are filled with a mixture of meat with cheese, meat with veggies, and so on. It is an original recipe that is served with cooked, boiled potatoes.  You can eat this light food any time of the day for breakfast or as a starter, or as a snack any time of the day in a coffee shop.

3) Arepas

Another traditional Colombian food is Arepas. When it is about Arepas, then it comes in various tastes, flavors, and smells.  You can get this dish anywhere in the country. The preparation process in every region is also different. The Arepas is mainly a versatile food that you can eat any time of the day as a snack or as a main course.

They are mainly round breeds or cakes which are prepared with white or yellow corn flour, and it depends on the region. We have already said that it is a versatile dish. Then you will get it as a salty, or sweet arepas, or cheesy, or sometimes in egg, and so on. One of the most traditional fillings is white cheese.

4) Ajiaco

One of the most ritual foods in Columbia is Ajiaco. But in Columbia, there is a special place for Ajiaco, which is in Bogota. The soup is mainly prepared with three items such as golden cobs, potatoes, and shredded chicken.

Apart from that, it has some magical ingredients like guascas and drizzles of milk cream. You can enjoy this dish with white rice and creamy avocado.

5) Sancocho

One of the best Colombian dishes is Sancocho. It is also true that many are amazed by the size of this dish. It is mainly a soup made with green plantains, Yucca, corn on the cob, chicken, and so on. It is also served with rice and avocado.

6) Tamal

Tamal is one of the most traditional dishes, and it can be found in many places in America. Therefore Columbia is no exception. The tamal is filled with the most varied ingredients, such as chickpeas, chicken, bacon, meat, and so on. It is mainly prepared by wrapping it up with banana leaves and then slowly boiling and grilling.


We have discussed the top regional foods in Columbia above in this article. There are many restaurants in Colombia, and they serve the best food. In this case, you can get whatever you want in Columbia. Especially when it comes to Colombian dishes, then there will be several options too.

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