Three Favorite Spots in Texas To Watch The Sunrise

Where to Watch Sunrise in Texas

Fancy Watching Sunrises? Here Are Three Dramatic Spots in Texas To Watch the Sunrise

Doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, Texas is the perfect place to be for watching the sunrise. It’s famously known as The Land of the Desert Sun, and rightly so. There are many places in Texas where you can find dramatic views of the sun from different angles and we have listed them right here in this article!

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Favorite Places to Watch Sunrise in Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the US, after Alaska, and it has different times for sunrises and sunsets! This means Texas follows two different time zones i.e. Central Time (CT) and Mountain Time (MT). Hence, the places we list below follow different time zone.

The state capital Austin experiences early sunrises in the summer. From April till mid-July, sunrises happen somewhere around 6.15 am to 6.45 am. But at the beginning of September, these sunrises inch past 7 am. Daylight savings are then deactivated in November, which sets the sunrise time back by half an hour.

Moving on, here are the best scenic places in Texas where you can catch sunrises:

Guadalupe Mountain Peak

Guadalupe Mountain Peak, Texas
Flickr by: Ken Lund

One of the highest points in Texas, at 8,750 feet, Guadalupe Mountain Peak is the best place to be during a sunrise.

If you are ready for some strenuous hike up the rocky trail, trekking up to the Guadalupe Mountain peak might turn out to be adventurous for you. Mind you, as with any other hike, do not underestimate your water and food intake; make sure you have plenty to keep yourself active and moving. Also, the wind situation might increase while you are trekking up hours before sunrise, making it a bit chilly for you. The whole hike will take you around 2 hours to get to the top of the peak where you can finally catch the much-awaited sunrise.

This mountain peak is located in the Culberson County area and follows the MT time zone.

Balanced Rock, Big Bend National Park

Balance Rock, Big Bend National Park, Texas
Flickr by: daveynin

The Big Bend National Park is located in the Chihuahuan Desert in southwest Texas, bordering Mexico, and the nearest city you’ll find is Alpine.

The entire hike up to the Balanced Rock is 2 miles long, out and back. Follow the Grapevine Hills Trail, which is surrounded by the unique formations of hills. The trail isn’t hard but is rather enjoyable for you. Along the way, you’ll spot many metal signs pointing you in the right direction as you continue the way up. After about 250 feet of elevation, you’ll reach your destination! The Balanced Rock is a unique rock formation that features a very LARGE rock balancing on the top of two rocks!

The Big Bend National Park follows the CT time zone!

There are also other activities to take part in at the park such as scenic drives, participating in programs arranged by Big Bend park rangers, and best of all, stargazing.

Fort Leaton, Presidio County

This historical building is located in Presidio County, Texas, one of the oldest cultivated areas in the US.

Fort Leaton National Park, Texas
Image by: Texas Parks and Wildlife –

You might be thinking that Fort Leaton is such an unusual place to go to for watching a sunrise. But hear me out, it’s no ordinary fort! Fort Leaton was built in the 1830s and traders and bounty hunters from back in the day used to reside there. But now it’s a historical site where you can explore and spend your whole day. Get there before sunrise, following the CT time zone to experience the most enchanting view.

Activities to perform there at other times of the day are camping and lodging and attending tours. This is an ideal exploration place for history nerds!

Other Places You Can Visit in Texas

  • Saint Antoni River, to stroll along
  • The Alamo, a historical site marking the Texas Revolution
  • Space Center Houston, to learn about the space exploration
  • Galveston’s Beaches, that stretch on for miles
  • Cadillac Ranch, showcasing artwork on the vehicles

There you have it: The three best spots in Texas from where you can catch a beautiful sunrise! Travel enthusiasts must add these places to their list to visit and watch the sunrise. What are your favorite places to watch the sunrise from? Let us know in the comments!

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