How Choosing Private over Commercial Could Change Your Love of Travel Forever

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Advantages of Flying Private

How flying private differs from commercial air travel

Demand for private air travel has taken off in recent years. Private jet travel rose by 10% in 2022, despite most commercial routes reopening after the disruption of the pandemic. If you’re considering trying the high life too, it’s worth researching the differences between private and commercial aviation before investing.

The benefits may appear obvious at first: luxury, freedom, and privacy, all a step above business class. But there are several lesser-known differences that could sway your decision when researching renting a private plane. Did you know smaller jets can access more airports, for example?

Buckle up and compare the perks of private aviation below.

Personal choice

First, flying private allows you to dictate your schedule rather than adapting to which existing flights suit you best. Private jets can also usually reach smaller airports than commercial airlines, as we’ve mentioned, potentially allowing you to get closer to your final destination.

You’ll be able to pick an aircraft that suits your group and trip requirements too, offering a social layout or private space for sleeping, for example. In-flight catering meanwhile can be tailored to your tastes and dietary needs, making sure you touch down refreshed.


Flying commercial can be a long, frustrating experience at the best of times, even without delays and cancellations increasing. In contrast, flying private negates many of these painful events and processes.

You can arrive much closer to departure and breeze through next-to-no queues in dedicated terminals. If you’re time-poor or simply want a more laidback travel experience, this will be a major benefit.  Check-in and screening still take place for safety, but it’s a much faster and more private experience.


On that note, flying private allows you to experience a far greater level of privacy once in the air. There’s no risk of getting stuck next to a loud or disruptive stranger; the only souls around will be your invited guests and a small number of highly trained, respectful staff.

This benefit can be especially valuable if you’re hoping to get some work done or spend quality time with loved ones, and even more so if you’re a public figure.


Cost is, understandably, a high priority for most travellers. Flying private usually costs more than flying commercially due to all the added perks above, so it may come down to judging what you value.

There are ways to enjoy private air travel for less, however. ‘Empty leg’ flights are the repositioning flights for pre-booked charters and can come available at significantly lower prices. You’ll sacrifice some flexibility in terms of schedule and aircraft choice though.

Could flying private suit your travel plans and preferences? Just beware: once you try it once, you might find it hard to go back!

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