Top Reasons To Visit Israel in the Fall or Winter Season

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4 reasons why Israel is the best travel destination during fall and winter

Israel, home to one of the holiest worldwide sites, is the landmark of several religions. Known for the lowest point on Earth in the Dead Sea and the numerous museums, the country had many foreign visitors through the years, at least before the pandemic.

Getting through the oldest and most religious neighborhoods, Mea She’arim and roaming around the city of Jerusalem is a truly remarkable experience. The small country has played critical roles in worldwide economics, politics and social events, for which it became a cultural center of technology. It has more Nobel Prize winners per capita than the US, France or Germany.

However, not many would be impressed by the country’s features. At the same time, Israel is not a favorable travel place during the summer since temperatures can be unbearable. Therefore, here are the reasons why you’d want to visit the country during the months of fall and winter.

The weather is incredible

Dead Sea Israel

The Mediterranean Sea surrounds Israel to the West and the Red Sea to the South, but the arid wasteland balances the weather so that it’s warm all around the year. For example, during fall, the average temperature is around 30°C or 86 °F, which is more than pleasant for a colder season. Even the waters are surprisingly warm from late September to early November.

Although temperatures drop more during winter, 18°C or 64 °F, the sun is still shining, and you can walk around the city in a light fleece without freezing. It rarely snows in Israel, but the weather is still pleasant.

But the lack of tourists makes it worth visiting the country during the low tourist season. This also means lower prices so that you can find cheaper accommodation, travel tickets and affordable restaurants.

The country is multi-ethnic

It may be surprising to many, but Tel Aviv, the country’s economic and technological center, is one of the most accepting cities in the world. It hosts Pride Parades, and it’s LGBTQ+ culture helps Israel become a welcoming destination for the international community. For example, Hilton Beach is known as a place where LGBTQ+ people and allies can find support, while Jerusalem beach is more family-friendly. Although most of these events occur during the summer, it is very crowded during that period, so you may want to be an ally during other months of the year.

Moreover, the country is a multi-ethnic and multi-faith country where people’s personal liberties are safeguarded and less questioned or judged. People can follow Christianism, Muslim or any other religion. Even atheists are accepted, and anyone can participate in cultural and public events without fear.

Of course, you still need to follow the country’s rules and be respectful of their culture. So, although many citizens speak and understand English, you may want to get a modern Hebrew textbook to learn some frequent words and phrases to show your appreciation and honor the people by being well-mannered.

It’s the perfect time to float around

During fall especially, going to Israel’s Dead Sea is a must. Also known as the Sea of Salt, the water is the Earth’s lowest point and is surrounded by the impressive sight of the Negev Desert. There are no fish in the saline waters, but its salt has incredible properties for the human body, and it makes you float, so swimming is not necessary.

Floating in the Dead Sea Israel

The Dead Sea is saltier than the ocean, so you don’t have to stay in it for more than 15 minutes because the skin can get very soft, and the crystals inside the waters can easily cut it. Otherwise, the salts and minerals are beneficial for your health because it helps improve psoriasis, provides relief for arthritis and help with chronic back pain.

The waters can become quite uncomfortable during summer months, which is why choosing to visit Israel during October and November is best, as temperatures are under control. You can travel with Israel Connection to get the best offer on your trip to Israel.

Why it’s best to visit Israel in the fall

If you’re used to seeing Israel during hotter months, wait until you are mesmerized by its autumnal side. Besides the temperatures that make walking around bearable, there are plenty of reasons why you’d choose this period for travel. First of all, it’s apple and pomegranate season, which means you can engulf some of the most delicious fruits. Another notable event is the blooming of flowers. As it rains the most during fall in Israel, many plant species are getting back to life, such as the yellow Sternbergia and the squill, the official fall indicator.

Israeli fall is the best time to go for a hike. Of course, it would be terrific to hike during summer, but the country has some impressive hiking locations that are not to be missed. Therefore, the hiking season starts when temperatures are dropping. Some of the best routes include Mount Eitan Circuit and the Yad Va’Shem and Jerusalem Forest.

Bird Watching Israel

Hiking will allow you to see some beautiful fauna, but since birds are migrating in this season, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the sky. Around half a billion birds fly through Israel to Africa before winter arrives, so you can do some bird watching and see ducks, herons, cranes and storks. The best place for this entertaining activity is Hula Lake up north.

Finally, the months of September and October are notorious for the two most beautiful natural events. Sunsets and rainbows are breathtaking, and their features can be noticed, especially during these two months. Since it’s also the rainy season, the combination of sun and sporadic stream makes the perfect sight for whoever gets out of the house for a walk.

Bottom line

Israel is a beautiful country with rich culture. Besides being the center of innovation and technology, Israel is also a famous tourist spot that is not to be missed for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Israel is best visited during fall and winter because the weather is better and places are less crowded, which gives you the liberty to enjoy your vacation relaxed.


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