Don’t Miss The Hidden Wonders of Jindabyne Australia

Jindabyne Australia

Reasons to Discover Jindabyne, Australia’s Secret Holiday Haven

The town of Jindabyne is situated on the shores of Lake Jindabyne, and is surrounded by the picturesque snowy mountains offering stunning views in every direction. The town is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who love skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and mountain biking.  Located between Sydney and Melbourne, it is an ideal location for a road trip visit or nature getaway.

Jindabyne remains open to tourists all year round. The town offers some of the best events and activities in each season, making it worthwhile to have a trip there for families, couples or solo travelers.  In this article, we will reveal the top reasons and benefits of discovering this marvelous and beautiful place named Jindabyne.

Explore Australia’s highest mountain

Mount Kosciuszko is the highest mountain in Australia, standing at an elevation of 2228 m. It remains conquerable by foot, and hikers can attempt to climb it up with ample preparation and willpower.

The path to Mount Kosciuszko’s summit can get accessed via Charlotte Pass or Thredbo Trail. The 18.6 km path goes via Kosciuszko National Park and takes approximately 6-8 hours to cover. The track has a grade 3 difficulty level. It implies that hikers with some experience can attempt it effortlessly. Nevertheless, it is relatively for most, provided they have ample water, sunscreen, food, and appropriate attire.

Check out the wild brumbies

Australian wild horses or brumbies are a famous attraction in Jindabyne. Although they are a nuisance to the local people, tourists and visitors come in flocks to have a look at them.

Brumbies in Jindabyne can often get seen in herds. The best viewing spot lies near Dead Horse Gap, at the starting point of the Cascades walking track. Nevertheless, several other places exist where they can get spotted. It is a fun activity to look at the wild horses galloping and grazing across the alpine landscape. It allows a short stop to enjoy and take in the spectacular sight.

Go for a picnic in Thredbo River

The Thredbo River offers tourists a marvelous and quiet place for a tranquil yet fun picnic or outing. The calm spot beside the water has most things ready for the activity. Visitors can find benches and barbeque equipment already in place, eliminating the need to bring rugs and cooking equipment.

Tourists who go for a picnic in the evening may share their time with the local wallabies and platypuses. However, one essential thing to consider is that the picnic spot comes under Kosciuszko National Park’s fee zone. Thus, it makes for a worthwhile visit only if the visitors have a ticket.

Explore the historic Bullocks Hut

Jindabyne has several huts with rich history scattered all over the town. The Bullocks Hut is the most famous and easiest to access among them. It had gotten constructed as a fishing lodge in 1934. Now, it gets used as a wedding hall.

The Bullocks Hut represents the history and culture of Jindabyne and the Snowy Mountains. Moreover, it is a spot that local kangaroos visit. Visitors do not have access to the hut. Nevertheless, it offers a quiet and relaxing point beside the river. Also, the visitors can ride a bike along the path leading to the Bullocks Hut.

Take a look at the Lake Crackenback

Lake Crackenback is a famous tourist spot open to visitors all year round. It offers a lovely location where people can sit beside the water body or have a relaxing walk in the cool breeze. The lake provides a stunning view with its pristine and deep waters.

The path to Lake Crackenback remains well-maintained with an easily-accessible and flat track. It makes it possible for people of all ages to avail of it. Additionally, visitors may get to see kangaroos in the late afternoon. Lake Crackenback also has a café on the site famous for its excellent food and services.

Climb on to the Porcupine Rocks

Porcupine Rocks remain made up of a series or collection of rock formations. It lies on a quiet track that offers mesmerizing stunning views to all tourists. It is the ideal place for people who enjoy rock climbing as numerous boulders promote the activity.

The best time to visit Porcupine Rocks is during sunrise or sunset. It offers a stunning view and allows for excellent pictures. The path up to the boulders is approximately 5.6 km. It is a comparatively smooth track with a few gradual uphill areas. Thus, a climb on the Porcupine Rocks offers both exercise and relaxation.

Enjoy the Thredbo chairlift

Chairlift is an essential mode of transport for all people visiting Thredbo to go mountain biking, hiking in the mountains or for a mere visit. The Thredbo chairlift takes the passengers 560 meters up vertically in 15 minutes. It remains open for multiple rides for a minimal sum of $45.

The view of the Thredbo chairlift is mesmerizing. The passengers can see the stunning landscape around them wherever their eye takes them. Visitors can mark the end of the ride at Eagle’s Nest, Australia’s highest restaurant, and have a bite there to satiate their hunger.

See the sunset from Mount Stilwell

The sunset from Mount Stilwell is one of the most famous attractions of Jindabyne. It offers a breathtaking and unforgettable view to visitors. The picturesque landscape painted with beautiful hues or shades of orange, red, and vermillion remain thoroughly etched into the viewers’ minds once they see the sunset.

The best spot to view the sunset from Mount Stilwell is from a 2.8 km walk that leads to the hilltop. Viewers can get a panoramic view of the entire area from there, allowing them to enjoy the scene to the fullest. Nevertheless, other closer spots also offer a stunning sight.

Take a walk in the swing bridge over the Snowy River

The swing bridge is a popular attraction in Jindabyne. It goes over the stunning and pristine Snowy River blue water. The bridge offers a slow-paced and effortless walk or strolls over it while visitors and tourists take in and enjoy the beauty of the place. The best time to visit the bridge is sunny days when the water sparkles and glows.

The swing bridge sways as people walk and can take only one person at one time. It remains surrounded by mesmerizing mountain landscapes that can make visitors forget about the mundane world and enjoy only the marvels of nature.

Image Source:  Wikimedia Creative Commons by Tim J Keegan

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