Savor the Flavors of the Canary Islands: Must-Try Foods For Your Visit

Canary Island Food To Try

Foods You Should Try When Visiting the Canary Islands

When you go to a new place or on a trip then the first thing that you try, there is the traditional food of that place. If you love Spain and plan a trip to Spain then you may go to Canary Islands, Spain. In this article, I am going to tell you about the food you should try in the Canary Islands. Therefore, if you are interested to know about Canary Island food then you should read this article from start to end.

Top Canarian Dishes to Try

Canarian Ropa Vieja (Traditional Stew)

Ropa Vieja is one of the most popular Canarian foods that you should try out when going there. It is a combination of meat and vegetable. It is interesting to know that it translates as “Old Clothes” in English.” this dish looked incredible and is delicious when cooked well.

It is often cooked in homes by using leftover Puchero, which is a Spanish dish, but when you try it in restaurants, the ingredients can vary from restaurant to restaurant. Try out this dish at least once when you go.

Caldo De Millo

Caldo De Millo is also a popular delicious Canarian Dish. In the preparation of this dish, the main ingredient is Millo which is the term that is used for Corn in the Canaries. This Canarian dish is a thick soup made up of corn. Other ingredients that are typically involved in cooking this dish are onion, chicken (Small pieces), rice or wheat, oil, salt, and garlic. Ingredients can vary from place to place. Try this dish when go there, you will find it extraordinarily delicious.

Sancocho Canario

Sancocho is also a traditional Canarian dish that is prepared with Canarian fish with gofio and potatoes. Eating this dish is a wonderful experience. As with most island communities, fish is the major ingredient in most of the Canarian foods and dishes. This healthy dish needs a grilled fish that is served with Papas Arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) and Gofio (roasted grains). Some of the locals use spices to add flavor to the dish. Any type of fish can be used for making this delicious dish but Cherne fish is commonly used in restaurants for cooking this dish.


If you go to the Canary Islands then you might hear from old locals to say about this dish that a little quantity of Gofio with a glass of milk can make them healthy. However, this combination might not be tastier for you as a traveler but Gofio is a highly flexible food that can be used in several forms and it can be combining with other dishes such as you can try it with soup, sauces, or even ice cream.

It is flour prepared with roasted grains of wheat, corn, and maize. This food is further used to make many dishes or foods like dumplings for soup or with fish.

Mojo Sauce Canary Islands


If you like spicy sauces, then you should try Canarian Mojo. It is a deliciously spicy sauce that can be used with many other dishes originates from the Canary Islands and now is used in many cultures around the world. The native people of the Canary Islands use it with almost every dish from stew to soups or with roasted meat. It has two categories names Mojo Rojo (red sauce) and Mojo Verde (green sauce) – both have different tastes and they are made up with a different base ingredients.



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