Explore Amazing Places Throughout New York: 10 Must-See Sites to Visit

Top Attractions in New York

Top 10 Locations to Visit in New York

New York State is a vast and diverse area stretching from the tip of Long Island on the East Coast to Niagara Falls at the Canadian border. With such a variety of cities, towns, and landscapes, New York State is truly unique and has something for everyone that goes far beyond well known New York City. In this article we’ll outline our top ten places to visit in New York that will delight a variety of tastes and interests.

10. Lake Placid

This is a great winter destination with snow-white powdery slopes and plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy. It Is best known for hosting the Winter Olympics in both 1932 and 1980 however in the summer it is a beautiful destination for water sports and swimming.

9. Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs New York

Saratoga Springs is a picture perfect destination with beautiful Victorian houses and colourful gardens bordering leafy streets. For over 200 years, the 18 mineral springs have attracted visitors for its spas and scenic landscapes.  Others are drawn to Saratoga Springs for it’s famed thoroughbred horse race course.

Visiting local farmer’s markets, artists boutiques and horse-riding are just a couple of the relaxing things you can do here.

8. Rochester

A city in western New York State located on the shores of Lake Erie, Rochester has many historical landmarks and museums you can explore, as well as golf courses, hiking trails, wineries, and beautiful waterfalls only a short drive away. It can be known by a couple of names, including ‘The Flower City’.  Rochester is also known for its revolutionary research and technology developments as the birthplace of companies like Eastman Kodak, Xerox and Bausch & Lomb. Make sure to bring snacks along like Uncured bacon jerky snacks and the right equipment when participating in the hiking trails. There are a number of scenic waterfall trails, rail trails and nature trails to explore throughout Rochester.

7. The Catskills

New York CatskillsMountains

This amazing mountain range is only an hour from NYC. There are hundreds of hiking trails to choose from, and you can enjoy stunning rapids and other outdoor activities. This is also a perfect place to visit if you are a fan of the iconic Dirty Dancing film or whether you’re a music lover and want to see where the 1969 Woodstock music festival was held.

6. Albany

For history, culture, and the arts, New York State’s Capital, Albany, has much to appreciate, such as the Shaker Heritage Society, the Empire State Performing Arts Centre, the Schuyler Mansion, and the New York State Museum.  It may even take your fancy to visit and look around the State University of Albany and various other specialised schools.

5. Long Island

Montauk Lighthouse Long Island New York

Only an hour from NYC, Long Island is made up of four counties and offers a relaxed, family-friendly culture for the whole family to enjoy, featuring museums, parks, white sandy beaches, and other activities. This is a great place the explore if you are a fan of The Great Gatsby Written by Scott Fitzgerald. Another destination that may be a desired trip for anyone interested in a little history, is the Montauk Lighthouse. This national historic landmark was first lit in 1797 and was even used during WW2 as the US Army took over it.

4. New York City

New York City Travel Tips

Whatever your mood, NYC is always a great city to visit, with so many attractions, such as Central Park, The Empire State Building, The Statute of Liberty, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Bryant Park, and the MET.

From Brooklyn to Manhattan, Greenwich Village to SoHo, shopping, bars, restaurants, museums, and culture, there is so much to do in NYC.

3. The Hamptons

The Hamptons is a group of seaside towns around 2 hours from NYC, a truly idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. A popular destination for the rich and famous, the Hamptons have boutique shops, gorgeous white, sandy beaches, and top-class restaurants with fantastic seafood!

2. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls New York

Enjoy the breath-taking Niagara Falls, one of the State’s most famous natural wonders, with about 3,000 tonnes of water rushing over the cliffs each second. This magnificent attraction was created through melting glaciers that then resulted in huge fresh water lakes that carved out his amazing formation of steep cliffs and flowing water. To get a close-up view, you can enjoy a boat tour such as the ‘Maid of the Mist’ tour, but make sure to wear waterproof clothes!

1. Adirondacks

An ideal year-round destination, The Adirondacks has six million acres of lush countryside, pristine lakes set in a mountainous area, and over 100 towns to explore. Enjoy the outdoors with activities like fishing, swimming, kayaking, hiking, or biking, and in winter, and you can ski the slopes or visit the wineries and breweries. Make sure to bring the correct snacks that are ideal for this activity-filled destination.

New York State has everything you could wish for, from city lights, night life, history, art & culture to stunning scenic views of rivers, mountains, lakes, and coastline with a host of outdoor activities and adventures to enjoy. This therefore providing more than one place to go rather than the famous and luxurious New York City that attracts thousands of people a year to it.


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