5 Must-Know Things Before You Visit Madinah

Madinah Saudi Arabia

Important Things To Know Before Visiting Madinah in Saudi Arabia

If you’re planning a trip to the Middle East, there are few better destinations than Saudi Arabia, specifically Madinah if you want to dive headfirst into the history and culture that has inspired generations of people, writers, and more. As with any destination, you must ensure you know what to expect and how to behave, so here are five must-know things you should consider before booking your flight to visit Madinah in Saudi Arabia.

Show Respect

Showing respect in any country where you are a guest is expected, but it is arguably even more important in Saudi Arabia. Medinah and Haram are some of the most important and sacred places in Islam, so you do not want to behave in any way that upsets people who have arguably traveled even further than you have to pay their respects. Before you leave, research dress codes, expectations, and any regulations or restrictions tourists may have to ensure your trip is successful.

Don’t Underestimate the Heat

The average temperature in Saudi Arabia ranges from 27°C to 43°C, so you mustn’t underestimate how warm–and dangerous–it can get if you are not careful. There is a reason so many people wear white thobes, as this provides full-body protection from the sun and also reflects the heat compared to darker colors. If you’re planning on walking everywhere, finding a Low Price Hotel in Madinah Near Haram will prevent you from spending too much time outside which may lead to sunstroke if you are not careful.

Be Open-Minded

As a passionate traveler, it’s a given that you are open-minded. If you have never visited the Middle East, you may experience some culture shock. Do not hesitate to try as much as possible, including Zamzam, which can repel illness, while Saudi dates can also ward off curses if you eat enough during the day. You may also come across music and activities you’ve never seen or heard before, so embrace it as you would anywhere else.

Don’t Expect a Beer

If you are visiting Saudi Arabia looking for a party, you may think again. As a Muslim country, there is no alcohol served even in the duty-free areas of the airport, so do not expect a beer, and do not even waste your time asking about one when visiting a restaurant. Besides, travel is not about getting wasted, but instead experiencing new cultures, so focus on that and save the booze until you get home.

Plan to See As Much As Possible

Everyone spends a different amount of time in Saudi Arabia, so if you don’t want to feel rushed, you plan up to fifteen days to see everything. If you’re only staying for a few days or a week, Madinah is arguably the number one spot. Give yourself enough time and plan each activity carefully to ensure you can see everyone you want without feeling like you’re rushing around all day.

Your Next Adventure

A trip to the Middle East could be a welcome change from your usual journey and it gives you the chance to tick off another region on your list. If this sounds appealing, remember these tips to ensure you make the most of your trip.


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