Your Complete Guide to Fiji Cruise Vacations

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Fiji Cruise Vacations

Guide to Fiji Cruise Vacations

Fiji boasts a destination for visitors coming from around the world with the tropical paradise included among the travel itineraries for lavish cruise lines.  Typically, a few ports of call are included with a Fiji cruise vacation so guests can truly experience what is described as the “friendliest and most hospitable” islands in the South Pacific.

In total, there are roughly 300 small islands consisting of magnificent soft sandy beaches surrounded by brilliant crystal-clear waters. Not all of these are inhabited, only maybe a third are developed, but travellers still can explore the beauty of the Fijian islands in their natural state.

For details on the experience of seeing Fiji from a cruise ship, go to The Ultimate Guide to Fiji Cruises.

Viti Levu, home to the capital, Suva, and Vaua Levu are the largest islands where a majority of the Fijian population can be found along with the inviting villages, attractions, and the museum with items tracing back thousands of years. Nadi is the international airport for Fiji that is also located on the island of Viti Levu.  This is where you will make connections for your cruising adventure if it begins in Fiji.

Embarking on a Fijian Adventure: Cruise Options and Highlights

A Fiji cruise is an idyllic escape  where you can enjoy activities like diving and snorkelling in the clear South Pacific where you can see an abundance of species of fish and vibrant reef formations, or you can explore the islands on wildlife and nature tours.  The waters of the South Pacific are home to colorful soft coral formations and vibrant fish that are some of the most dazzling in the world.

There’s a little bit of everything from luxury resorts to thatched huts, so everyone can enjoy the beauty of Fiji according to their tastes.  Here are a few things you can expect when you head out on a Fijian adventure cruise.

The People 

When cruising to Fiji, most people will express that the highlight of their trip was meeting the people. Not only are they hospitable and friendly but they are “renowned for their happiness.”  Those native to Fiji have a strong sense of patriotism, joyously dancing, singing, and celebrating their culture with all who visit.  You will be greeted with a sincere welcome and broad smiles wherever you go.

Festivities are common year-round with Fiji Day marking the country’s independence on October 10 dating back to 1970. Each year is a unique theme with the ceremonies being held for seven days and traditions based on individual religious preferences.

Water or Land Activities 

Fiji Activities

For cruisers who want somewhat of an adrenaline rush, there are plenty of adventurous land and water activities including parasailing which offers a spectacular overview of the islands.  Typically, water sports and adventure tours are part of the experience when on a cruise from glass-bottom boats, kayaks, and paddleboards.

For those who want to enjoy diving and snorkelling, the snorkelling equipment is often provided with the fare. The excursions on the islands are offered up to three times each day.  Seeing the sealife in Fiji should not be missed.

You can also visit among the people in the villages, enjoy dinner and perhaps a kava celebration. Here you can enjoy a taste of the “slightly narcotic beverage.

The Beaches 

Many cruisers like the opportunity to have some time to relax and enjoy absolute peace and tranquility on a soft sand beach. The islands of Mamanuca and Yasawa provide the opportunity with only two cruise ships offering this itinerary.

These ships stick with different schedules to ensure the ports are quiet and uncrowded. The beaches are simply stunning allowing guests to walk from the soft sand directly into calm blue water.

Diving and Snorkelling 

When cruising, diving and snorkelling are usually offered two times in the morning and in the afternoon allowing passengers the chance to go over the tender’s side when the ship travels into the sea a little further or they can go in from the beach.

Travelers are encouraged to watch for the “Fijian Nemo” while on their excursion. He is a clownfish that bears a single white stripe. Some of the highlights include cave diving, scuba diving rated as among the world’s best, and the amazing Rainbow Reef found between Vanua Levu and Taveuni Island.

The Crew 

On some cruise ships, not all, the crew ia of Fijian heritage which immerses you into the experience further. You can learn about their lifestyle, culture, and customs, and find out where the best places are to visit, enjoy food and drink, and for activities.

If you learn nothing else from these kind people, the term “Bula” is a word that translates to “life” but means many things to the people including “welcome, hello, thank you, bless you, good luck, and anything they choose it to mean.”

Key Considerations for Booking a Fiji Cruise 

Fiji Cruises

The palm trees in Fiji boast of being as tall as high rises with glistening blue waters and silky white sand, as their backdrops.  The views are postcard-esque, making it no wonder it’s among the most favoured world destinations.

With the vast array of cruise ships offering the most fulfilling experiences while visiting the exquisite islands, what should you consider when booking the perfect cruise? Here are a few tips before deciding on a cruise in Fiji:

The time of year 

You’ll want to choose the best time of year to visit Fiji but that will also be based on your schedule and budget. Given some flexibility, the off-peak season will allow the cost-efficiency for those on a budget.

The weather is another consideration. Fortunately, the islands offer virtually perfect conditions year-round, but some months may experience more rain and winds than others.

The crew and size of the ship

If you want an authentic Fijian experience and to find the treasures that aren’t on the tourist maps, you’ll want to find a cruise line with a Fijian crew. These members will be able to not only point out the best places to see but also get to know them, their culture, customs, their day-to-day will be a highlight of the trip.  Smaller ships are able to visit coves and small islands that large ships cannot approach.

Planning ahead 

Cruise prices can fluctuate weekly based on many variables like the time of year making it wise to plan well ahead of when you plan to take the trip.  This way you can pay attention to potential promotions or discounts that come along and book as it fits your situation and needs, taking into consideration the many inclusions that different ships offer.

It’s also important to take the opportunity to select your cabin or suite carefully to ensure the most comfort on your journey. You may or may not want a window view, air conditioning is usually a must, and various amenities.

Final Thoughts

Many people have the South Pacific and Fiji as a dream cruise destination. All ships give their passengers unique options and varied highlights. Their itineraries including trip lengths, attractions and experiences, and their destinations are different.  You’ll want to carefully consider each before committing to the one that meets your preferences and satisfies your budget.


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