Top 10 Travel Hacks for 2023 That Everyone Should Know

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10 Amazing Travel Hacks for 2023 That Everyone Should Know

Travelling broadens the mind and if you are the adventurous type who loves nothing more than travelling to a strange land, we have some fantastic travel hacks for you. The smarter you are when travelling, the nicer (and cheaper) the experience will be, and with that in mind, here are our top 10 travel hacks that everyone should know.

Off-peak travel is best

While this is nothing new, the digital age that we live in makes it easy to scour for cheap flights and accommodation and the other benefit of off-peak travel is the low numbers of tourists, which makes your holiday experience that much more enjoyable. In low season, you can afford to stay at a luxurious five-star hotel in Manila if you go during low season.

Compression storage

Order a set of travel packing cubes to carry more stuff; this also allows for smaller suitcases/bags, which are easier to transport. Some travellers roll their clothing, which makes all the difference when you are fully loaded; this is an old trick that was used in the 1970s by hippy backpackers and if you haven’t tried it, the next trip is an ideal time to compress your clothing.

Make your luggage noticeable

This is a cool hack that takes away that panic as the luggage belt is full of suitcases and bags, with everyone straining to see if they can see their own. Google ‘neon luggage stickers’ and order a couple of sets to set your luggage apart from others. Next time you fly, you’ll be glad you bought the luggage stickers, as your bags are striking, as well as being cool. Place the stickers on large surfaces that can easily be seen from a distance and 3-4 on each bag is ideal. Here are a few money-saving tips for regular travellers abroad.

Take photos of luggage contents

Open all bags and take photos, which will help in the event you make a lost luggage claim. Include all valuable items and while you’re taking pictures, a shot of your passport main page and your visa, which is a quick and easy way to show ID. In the event you lost your passport, for example, having these images will certainly help!

Screenshot all documents

Whether online airfare tickets or hotel reservations, screenshot everything and save it in a special folder, along with passport images (every page). It makes total sense to have photos of all important documentation stored on your smartphone. Insurance policies can be included in this, as well as images of all your digital devices.

Disable roaming

If you travel a lot, your digital device can automatically find web networks and that means charges. Once roaming is disabled, you can choose which provider you use; it is often cheap to take an unlimited data SIM at your destination, depending on the length of your stay.

Use a VPN

The benefits of using a well-known VPN (Virtual Private Network) is that you can access content that is restricted by location; using a VPN also prevents hackers from discovering your IP address, as the system chooses random false IP addresses, keeping the hackers guessing. You can watch your favourite streams without worrying about access and for the little it costs, taking out a VPN subscription is a wise move.

Google Calendars

Many travellers are unaware of how an online calendar can help; enter flight dates, visa appointments, birthdays and any other events you might need reminding about. Make the best out of available yech and your life will be easier, plus you won’t overlook anything important.

Flight comparison

Google is your best friend, especially if you are looking for a last-minute cancellations; the cheapest flights are only a few mouse clicks away! There are mobile apps that compare flight prices and some are free to download, as long as you don’t mind the many ads.

Frequent flyers

Let’s face it, if you are a regular traveller, why not take advantage of the free air miles that come with frequent flyer membership? Airlines are in serious competition and that means great deals for regular flyers; spend an hour looking at the frequent flyer benefits from your favourite airlines and you might be surprised.

If you are a seasoned traveller, you might already know some of the above hacks, and Google can help you find hundreds more. Full-time travelling can be tiring and by using these hacks, you can make your life that much easier and enjoy things more.

If travelling to remote areas, check with the World Health Organisation regarding vaccinations and whether there are restrictions in place.

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