Discover the Magic of the City of Love: Top Places to Visit in Paris

Top Places To Visit In Paris And Their Costs

Climbing the Eiffel Tower, sailing along the Seine River, visiting one of the most important museums in the world or visiting the cathedral that inspired the novel ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’, are some of the plans that make us dream when it comes to us the idea of ​​travelling to Paris in my mind.

Of course, this is another expense that we must take note of when calculating the budget necessary to go to the city of love. Let’s see how many euros we must have to take advantage of these attractions:

Climb to the Eiffel Tower

You have to budget 10.70 euros to take the stairs to the second floor, 26.80 euros to take the elevator and go to the top or 17.10 euros to use the elevator to the second floor. And if you want to take the stairs to the second floor and take the elevator to the top from there, you pay 20.40 euros.

Keep in mind that if you are between 12 and 24 years old, you have a youth rate, which is equivalent to half of the prices mentioned above. And children from 4 to 11 years old pay even less.

Enter the Louvre in Paris

The visit to the Louvre in Paris costs 17 euros at full rate.  The Louvre Museum, located in the heart of Paris, is a treasure trove of world-famous artworks. As you step into this historic building, you will find yourself surrounded by masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and Winged Victory of Samothrace. With its vast collection spanning over 35,000 pieces, the Louvre offers an unparalleled artistic experience.

Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral

A visit to Notre-Dame Cathedral is like stepping back in time to the era of Gothic architecture. This magnificent cathedral, with its intricate details and towering spires, is a true masterpiece.

After the fire, the cathedral was closed to the public. Previously, entry to Our Lady of Paris had no cost, but if you wanted to visit the towers you had to pay 10 euros or if you wanted to go to the crypt you paid 7 euros.

Entrance to Versailles Castle

Just a short distance from Paris lies the magnificent Palace of Versailles, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a testament to France’s royal history. This opulent palace, once home to King Louis XIV, is a marvel of grandeur and luxury.  The value of the complete entrance fee to the castle of Versailles and its rooms is 20 euros. Admission to the gardens is free on certain days and months of the year.

Disneyland Paris Passes

Where every child’s dreams come true.  To enter the famous Disney parks in Paris, you have to have a budget of  66.54 euros or more for adults depending on the time of year you go and whether you choose to visit one or both parks.

Sail down the Seine River

The Seine River winds its way through the heart of Paris, offering a romantic backdrop for leisurely strolls and unforgettable moments.  Evening boating excursions are the most popular as the lights of the city sparkle on the water as you sail through the center of the city.  The ticket to sail along the Seine River in one of the “bateaux mouches” is available for 16 euros, the ride lasts approximately one hour and is one of the most beautiful ways to discover Paris.

Visit to the Paris Catatoms

Deep beneath the streets of Paris lie the Catacombs, an underground labyrinth of tunnels and chambers that house the remains of millions of people. This macabre yet fascinating attraction offers a unique insight into the city’s history. Entry to the Paris Catacombs starts at 10 euros.

Ascent to the Arc de Triomphe

One of the most iconic landmarks in Paris, the Arc de Triomphe stands proudly at the western end of the Champs-Élysées. Commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1806, this monumental arch is a symbol of French military victory and national pride. You can book a skip-the-line visit to the Arc de Triomphe for 13 euros.

2-6 day pass to visit top Paris attractions

In case you want to visit several museums and attractions and save a few euros on your trip to Paris, you can buy the Museum pass for 78 euros for 6 days or the 4-day pass for 66 euros. Includes visits to the Arc de Triomphe, Pompidou, The Louvre, the towers of Notre Dame, Versailles, and the Pantheon, among many others.

Free Paris tourist sites and guided tours

Remember that Paris has many free plans such as a visit to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, from which you have beautiful views of the city, and on certain days and times, you can visit the great monuments at no cost, for example, the Art Museum Modern, the Pompidou centre. the Orsay Museum, the first Sunday of every month.  Here’s our list of free, fun places to visit in Paris.

In addition to that, you can book a free tour of Paris, Montmartre, the Latin Quarter, and the mysteries and legends of Paris, among others we give tips as much as you want.

Travel Insurance

Unless you have travel insurance with your bank card that complies with the regulations stipulated for travelling to the Schengen area, it is important that you hire one that is valid in the countries that are part of that area and that covers your entire stay.

Not only is it possible that they will ask you for it when entering Europe, especially in this time of the pandemic, but it can also be quite useful when you are several kilometres from home.

Total budget for a trip to Paris

You should expect to spend between 50 and 60 euros each day travelling to Paris, based on the various costs analysed above. This means that you can budget roughly 750 euros for a two-week trip.

This is based on the fact that we travel alone and stay in a shared hostel for about 20 euros, that we buy about two meals a day for 8 euros each, that we spend about 4 euros on public transportation and that we enjoy an attraction of about 10 euros. Of course, you can combine the different possibilities and lower or increase this average.

Provided that we have accommodation at the home of a family member, friend or contact made on Couchsurfing, and that we prepare our own meals or have a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower, we could easily reduce this budget by half.

Based on a trip made in the low season from Latin America, and purchasing the ticket in advance, we would be talking about a price of 1000 euros.  So in total for two weeks including air tickets and expenses in Paris, we could talk about approximately 1750 euros, without spending a lot, but without being too tight either.

Although the amount to travel to Paris is not always within everyone’s reach, even less so from our countries in Latin America, where such a trip can represent the savings of several months and even years, prices in Paris are below other capitals.

European and first-world attractions and the endless tourist attractions and beauty of the city will compensate for every euro of the budget you allocate for your trip to Paris.


About The Author:  Julien is the founder of Julius Homes. His interest towards hiking, skiing and adventure holidays made him bring together the choicest accommodations around the globe to make holidays relaxing and comfortable.


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