Getting Lost and Found in London – Best Things To See and Do

London Travel Tips

Lost in London: Top Things To See and Do

Journey Through Time, Tea and Tower Bridge

Situated on the River Thames in southeast of England, London serves as the capital city of the United Kingdom. London, a worldwide metropolis, is one of the most visited cities in the world. With a multinational atmosphere and a melting pot featuring various foods, languages, and cultures, London is a dynamic and eclectic city. This city is full of historical and cultural landmarks making it a symbol of both the nation and the city.

London never fails to amaze with its rich history, iconic landmarks, and diverse culture. In addition to iconic landmarks, London has some of the world’s most acclaimed museums.  The British Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, and the National Gallery are just a few of the renowned museums and art galleries located in London. London truly has something for everyone, from history buffs to art enthusiasts and theater lovers. So make sure to add these top sights to see in London to your itinerary and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in this incredible city.

Top Places to Visit in London

There are many attractions to choose from in one of the world’s most ancient and well-known towns, catering to all types of tourists. London is bustling, historical, sensual, exciting, and entertaining all at once. The London Eye rises above the River Thames, charming pubs, iconic landmarks, historic palaces and Royal Parks , all in the heart of the city.

London Eye

The London Eye, the tallest cantilever wheel in the world and a famous landmark in the city skyline, is situated on Southbank in London. This wheel is a well-liked sight for both tourists and residents, drawing in up to 4 million visits annually. Stunning 360-degree views of the city can be seen from the London Eye. The 32 high-tech glass capsules, or pods, inside this stunning and distinctive observation wheel, also called the Coca-Cola London Eye, allow you to stand and rotate like a giant Ferris wheel.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens London

The largest UNESCO World Heritage Site in London is the Kew Gardens, originally the Royal Botanic Gardens. The exquisite botanic gardens offer an excellent opportunity to escape the daily grind. It is home to an internationally recognized scientific research facility and the most diverse collection of living plants in the world. There are also charming cafes at Kew Gardens where visitors may unwind and savour traditional British fare.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace London

The official home of the British royal family since 1837, Buckingham Palace was constructed in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham. However, it is now regarded as one of the UK’s most prestigious tourist sites. Grandeur and excitement are the only things one can experience while touring Buckingham Palace, from leisurely exploration to the Changing of the Guards.

Tower of London

The Tower of London, one of the most famous historical sites on earth, has acted as the main character as well as a backdrop in many important British historical moments. The tower attracts non-military visitors with its various features. Visitors are drawn to the tower because of its past as a jail for both unexpected and well-known inmates. Attracting two million tourists a year, the tower is the most famous castle and a World Heritage Site.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge LondonKnown as the largest antique in the world and a globally recognized attraction, the stunning London Bridge has been featured in multiple Hollywood productions. The London Bridge, which spans 269 meters, is one of several bridges in London that cross the River Thames between King William Street in Lake Havasu City and Borough High Street in SouthWark.

Things to do in London

With its plethora of plays, musicals, and other theatrical productions, London is also well-known for its West End theater district. As a well-known center for sports, the city welcomes spectators from all over the world for its many sporting events, which include Wimbledon tennis championships, London Marathons, and Premier League football games. But apart from this, you can also visit these to make sure you spend the best moments experiencing the best in London.

Spend time with nature at Hyde Park

At 142 hectares, London’s Hyde Park is one of the biggest city parks in the whole globe. Millions of tourists and locals visit it each year; it has over 4,000 trees, a meadow, a sizable lake, and lovely flower beds. This place is suitable for a variety of sports, including skating, cycling, boating, and swimming. There are additional areas for activities like horseback riding and tennis, among many more. In the park, there are two restaurants beside the lake that provide a range of menu items, from morning coffee to dinner.

Make sure to reserve for a Warner Bros Studio Tour

One of the biggest operational studios in the UK, it has been used to film a number of movies, including the Batman films, the Star Wars films, and the whole Harry Potter series. The Making of Harry Potter studio tour is located inside the building. This is a one-way walking tour that takes you behind the scenes of the whole Harry Potter set that was used for filming. It has real settings, outfits, accessories, and a lot more from the Harry Potter films.

Get lost in Borough Market

Borough Market, one of London’s biggest and most established wholesale and retail food marketplaces, offers a wide variety of specialized delicacies to both locals and tourists. For a taste of the real thing, tourists can visit the bars and restaurants or stop by one of the many food stands offering mouthwatering street fare. The market is split into three main sections: Borough Market Kitchen is for street food vendors; Green Market is for small vendors; and Crown Square is for larger producers.

You can also explore different areas for international flavors, such as Chinatown or Brick Lane, or take in the typical British pub culture while indulging in a wide variety of gastronomic pleasures. And through its many Instagram-worthy tearooms, the city’s afternoon tea culture is worth discovering.

Airlines that fly to Heathrow Airport
The following airlines travel to the Heathrow airport of London:

  • British Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Qatar Airways
  • American Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Delta
  • Etihad Airlines
  • Finnar
  • Flybe
  • Iberia
  • Air France
  • Beijing Capital Airlines


Whether you’re looking for a wild night out at one of the many pubs or a relaxing day in the park, London has everything you could possible want! From cutting-edge entertainment venues and nightclubs to medieval marketplaces and streets, London has it all!

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