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Exploring the Hidden Jewish History of Barcelona

Barcelona 'Call'ing –  hidden Jewish history next to Las Ramblas The history of Barcelona is closely connected with that of European Jewry and the city's Call (Catalan for Jewish district) is well preserved. So for anyone interested in tracing the path of their ancestors, or equally...

Survival Guide For Visiting Disney With A Baby

My Disney Survival Guide for Parents with Babies I know lots of parents worry about bringing their baby to Disney, thinking of it as an amusement parks for young children, but Disney does a great job catering to the smallest guests, making it a trip the...

5 Out-of-the-Box Gift Getaways For Unique B&B Experiences

Holiday tradition calls for gathering with family and friends and sharing scrumptious foods and sweet treats, eggnog and stories of days gone by. But, what about changing things up a bit and taking your revelry on the road? Holiday getaways to a bed and breakfast...

Why Savannah Continues To Charm as a Top Tourist Destination

Why Savannah Ranks Amongst The Top Tourist Destinations There are many reasons why Savannah, Georgia is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States.  It is a charming city that is rich with history and packed with fun activities. No matter what types of attractions pique your interest, you...

Dussehra Festival
Guide To The Vibrant Festivals Of India

Celebrate the Colorful Festivals of India India is renowned for vibrant celebratory festivals where you can see the cultural and traditional aspects of life in India. Each festival is celebrated with high spirit and vast numbers of people participating. The colorful dances, melodious songs and delicious...

Maui’s Most Romantic Sites To Take Your Breath Away

Hawaii feels made for romance with turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, exotic flowers, Polynesian culture and a laid-back vibe. Sure, you can spend all day at the beach near your resort or near one of the many Hawaii villa rentals, but if you are like my...

Discover Seductive, Secluded, Salento Italy

Discover the charm and beauty of Salento - Italy's less touristy vacation destination Salento is the southernmost region in Italy’s fashionable boot and is loved by Italians for its beautiful weather, long sandy beaches, delicious food, charming classical towns and vibrant festivals.  As it’s only in...

Cloverdale Inn
Fun Bed and Breakfasts For Fall Foliage Getaways

Follow the road less taken to Bed and Breakfasts with fall foliage views Sad about summer ending? Sure, packing up the swimsuits and sandals and saying good-bye to the carefree days of summer is never fun. But, don’t overlook fall. Afternoons spent on the beach cooling...

Milford Trek – Trip Report of the Finest Walk In The World

Taking On The Milford Trek- Finest Walk In the World Dubbed “The Finest Walk in the World,” the Milford Trek is filled with natural attractions that support New Zealand’s reputation as an other-worldly clime, a place of fantastical sights and breathtaking vistas.  Hiking the Milford Trek,...