How To Write A Great Guest Post for

We’re excited that you are ready to write a wonderful travel article for our site!  Finding the perfect topic is always the hardest part.  In the event you have a bit of writer’s block, here are some tried and true topics to consider.
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writing guest posts

Identify a destination that you are passionate about….and then share:

Romantic Spots
Where to take iconic pictures
Where to watch the sunset / sunrise
Most romantic restaurants
Best scenic strolls

Where to find the best nightlife – where do the locals hang out?
Best Rooftop or Waterfront Dining
Party streets or festivals
Theater Scene
Local foodie scenes

Local Festivals
Top Sites to See in 24/48 Hours
Hidden Gems Only Locals Know
Top Day Trips from _____
Tour _______ on a budget
Street markets – Foodie Trails/Walks
Best Shopping Districts – what to buy
What to do on a rainy day
Best sourvenirs to take home
Unique architecture – museums
Top historic sites
Off The Beaten (Tourist) Path
Most loved sites / tastes / activities
Visiting (Versailles for instance) on your own
Parks and gardens
Only in ________ unique sites / experiences

Hiking, biking, jogging
Extreme sports in the area
Best surf beaches
Scenic Road Trips

Do this, Not that
Pack This, Buy That There
Classic or Rookie mistakes to avoid
# Things That Suprised Me The Most About ____
# Things I wish I knew about ______ before my trip
How to dress like a local in _______

Travel Styles
With Toddlers
Top family friendly sites/activities
Touring ______ with Teens
With Pets
Traveling Solo in _____
With physical challenges
On a budget
Super Luxe Visit to ____
Top lodging choices (hotel, villas, BnBs etc)