Cat Island Adventure – Day Two

We’ve been on Cat Island at the Fernandez Bay Village for just over 24 hours and have already begun to loose track of what day of the week it is.  Yesterday afternoon we  meandered among the 17 cottages and villas- all perched just off the water’s edge on Fernandez Bay.  SeaGrape is our home for the stay – a quaint two bedroom villa constructed with local limestone and white washed lumber with comfortable rattan furnishings and gaily colored cushions.  We can look right out to the turquoise bay from every room and the sound of lapping waves is music to our (previously frosted) ears. 

Fernandez bay beach stretches out for 1 perfect mile – just long enough for a good walk several times a day.  We walk up the beach to retrieve some kayaks for a paddle, then down to the other end with snorkel gear to chase a fish or two.  Then back to the club house for lunch and conversation.  We’ve met folks from Israel, Denver, Michigan, Annapolis, Keene NH, and Central Square Cambridge – but never does it feel the least bit crowded, everyone finds their own alcove and seeks the company of others only when they want it.

Meals have been outstanding!  I have no idea exactly what we had for dinner last night (we hadn’t found where they post the menu yet…), I only know it was delicious.  There was a beef curry dish with apples, and almond breaded grouper, fresh salads and an assortment of veggies.  Dinner and breakfast are served as small lovely buffets.

More news tomorrow about adventuring around the island!

UPDATE:  Alas as often happens in the Bahamas the internet went down during our stay.  Stay turned for a complete Cat Island – Fernandez Bay Village report complete with pictures!

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