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20 Mar

Make The Most of Your Visit To Prague – Top Sites To See This Spring

Make the Most of Your Visit to Prague This Spring Time

Prague CastlePrague or Praha, the gateway to Eastern Europe, is without any doubt one of Europe’s most charming and intriguing cities. With its rich Bohemian history, glorious architecture and beautiful and diverse nature, the Czech capital is the perfect destination for an unforgettable city trip.

Although everyone visits Prague for different reasons, there are a few highlights that can’t be missed when visiting this exciting city.

The Prague Castle is, with approximately 570 metres in length and 130 metres of average width, the world’s biggest castle complex.Prague Castle Dating back to the 9th Century, the castle is the most significant monument in Czech history and one of Czech Republic’s most significant cultural institutions. The castle consists of palaces and buildings of numerous architectural styles. One of the key visit points is the Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral, containing several tombs of Bohemian Kings and Roman Emperors. Also don’t forget to visit the Basilica of St. George, where you can find one of the art collections of National Gallery in Prague and its fine concert hall, the perfect setting for an evening of classical favourites.

One of Prague’s most romantic sights is the Charles Bridge, which links the Old Town (Stare Měst) to the New Town (Mala Strana) by crossing the Vltava River. From the Charles Bridge, visitors can enjoy amazing views of the stunning Prague skyline.

The Prague Astrological Clock or Prague Orloj, set up in 1410 and located on the southern edge of the Old Town City Hall, is the oldest clock in the world still in operation.

Spring is often considered to be the best time to visit Prague as the weather is generally mild, whereas temperatures can get considerably hot in summer and fairly cold in winter. Furthermore, Prague has numerous beautiful parks and gardens, both around the historical centre and further outside the centre and the beauty of Prague reaches its peaks when everything blooms.

Vrbt Garden PragueOne of the most beautiful and uniquely designed Baroque gardens is the Vrtba garden, which offers, next to its captivating architecture and stunning view of the St. Nicholas Cathedral, an interesting mix of terraces, connected by staircases beautifully adorned with statues and vases of Antique Gods. Registered in UNESCO World Heritage List, the garden is also one of the best preserved palace gardens in Prague.

Although the city centre has much to offer with its stunning and extremely diverse architecture, it is worth exploring beyond the Old Town and Castle District to discover an entirely different side of the city. For cheaper prizes and a local atmosphere, try to find numerous riverside parks, art galleries, museums, enchanting bars and beer gardens located further outside the city centre.

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