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4 Jun

Discover The Island of Mallorca, Simply Brilliant

Searching for the place to go to for some deep relaxation?  Discover the island of Mallorca and let your dreams come true!

Mallorca is an amazing island located in the Balearic Sea not far from the east coast of Spain.  Just imagine: warm sunny climate, picturesque landscapes, magnificent beaches, vibrant cities and a plenty of amazing activities as a bonus! Sounds great, right?

And that’s why it continues to attract millions of tourists year by year! So isn’t it time you discovered Mallorca for yourself?

Mallorca Spain

Mallorca is one of the most desirable travel destinations, because this is an absolutely unique place where you can forget about daily problems and immerse into the amazing world of relaxation.

Are you ready to check several good ideas for your visit?

Ok! Just grab some cash, get a rental car and follow the route of your GPS navigator! Let’s start our journey!

1. Enjoy the best views of Mallorca!

Location: Cap de Formentor, Mallorca, Spain
GPS Position (parking): 39.961029, 3.212151

Mallorca Island Spain

Prepare your camera, because we are going to visit the Formentor Cap – the southernmost point of the island and the place where you can enjoy the stunning views of the Balearic Sea, rocky cliffs, gorgeous mountains and beautiful surroundings from the height of over 300 meters! After admiring the beautiful scenes, you can also go down to the Formentor Beach!Admission: free,  Hours: recommended 9am-5pm

2. Explore an astonishing underground world!

Location: Carretera les Coves, s/n, 07680 Porto Cristo, Balearic Islands, Spain
GPS Position (parking): 39.535631, 3.331523

Mallorca Caves

Drach Caves, located not far from the Porto Cristo – is a masterpiece of nature and one of the most impressive sights of Mallorca! Tourist route stretches for two kilometers. The striking beauty of stalactites and Europe’s largest underground lake are really impressive! With a depth of 8 meters and length of 177 meters it’s fantastically highlighted with numerous of multicolored lamps! The most interesting part of the tour is the concert of chamber music which is performed from the boat sailing through the underground lake!

Admission: 14,5 € for adults, 7,5 € for children, Hours: 1 Nov-15Mar daily tours at 10.45am, 12am, 2pm, 3.30pm. 16 Mar-30 Oct daily tours at 10am, 11am, 12am, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm

3. Get a chocolate skin color!

Location: Can Cap de Bou, 07470 Pollenca, Balearic Islands, Spain
GPS Position (parking): 39.90472, 3.081943

Mallorca Island Beach

Whatever one may say, but Mallorca is not a Mallorca without relaxing on the beach! Each of us wants to feel soft sand and see crystal-clear turquoise water under the feet. So, it’s possible! Welcome to the Can Cap de Bou – a 2-kilometer long and very narrow beach in the northern part of Mallorca! The views of the mountains and over the Bay of Pollensa are magnificent. It’s also very popular for kitesurfers and windsurfers!

Admission: free, Hours: recommended 11am-4pm

4. Have fun in the Aqualand!

Location: Autovía Palma, Arenal, 07600 El Arenal, Spain
GPS Position (parking): 39.496027, 2.759165

Mallorca Water Park

Spend an unforgettable day at Aqualand in the company of your friends or family!
Enjoy water slides, wave pools, rapids, floats, jacuzzi, mini-golf, reptiles and more than 20 other attractions! So, this is a great spot to have fun for both children and adults! And if you get hungry, you can find several restaurants right in the park!

Admission: 26 € for adults, 18,5 € for children, Hours: May-September 10am-5pm

5. Feel the taste of Mallorca!

Location: Carrer de la Fabrica, 18A, 07013 Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
GPS Position (parking): 39.572548, 2.63805

Mallorca Cuisine

National cuisine of Mallorca is considered as one of the finest in the world! Each culinary creation of local chefs is a true masterpiece. If you want to get excellent service and tasty meals for cheap prices, set off to Sambal Restaurant. Warm and cozy atmosphere of this restaurant allows you to feel like home!

Average prices: 20 € for 3 courses, Hours: lunch 1pm to 4pm, dinner 8pm to 11.30pm

Where to get a rental car in Mallorca?

Of course, you can get your car at any car rental location of Mallorca, but why should you waste your time searching for deals around the island? Get a rental car directly at the Mallorca airport ! You can book it online before your trip.

See you in Mallorca…!

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