How To Keep Lilacs Bouquets From Wilting

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One of the great gifts of spring is Lilac season, when the heady scent of lavender lilacs fill the air.  For years I marched out with my garden snippers in hand and brought in arm loads of fresh blossoms to arrange.  But alas within an hour or two  they had already started to wilt and droop their glorious heads.  After years of trial and error, I found a very simple way to keep my lilacs from wilting.

How To Keep Lilacs From Wilting

How To Keep Lilacs From Wilting

#1  Trim the cut edges at an angle instead of straight across

#2  Hammer about 1/2 inch of the bottom edge to split the stem open

#3  Place in a vase of HOT tap water – the hot water makes all the difference.

I re-trim the stems every morning and refill the vase with hot water and they remain fresh for days!

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