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Donut Tours – A New Trend in Yummy Foodie Tours

Popping up in major cities across the United States, Canada and Europe, foodie walking tours that visit premium donut shops to sample handcrafted donut confections are a growing trend. Whether you call these sweet treats a donut, beignet, cruller, zeppole, churro or kolachy, it’s clear that these fried dough confections are loved by millions!  Donut Tours celebrate the many ways creative pastry chefs can fashion donuts into tempting bites that will brighten your day.  Here’s a look at the history of the mighty donut and where to find a yummy donut tour near you.

History of the Modern Day Donut

The world has savored fried dough in many forms for all of recorded history in nearly every culture.  The modern donut however, has strong routes in the United States.  The round fried dough confections we love today are thought to be the creation of a New England ship captain’s mother.  She often sent her son to sea with a supply of round deep-fried dough treats that incorporated many of the spices her son imported, lemon, and nuts in the center.  And there you have it, dough-nuts!  It’s surmised that some sailors not caring for the nuts poked out the centers.  Others think that the hole was made in the center so it could be placed over the spoke of the ship’s wheel during windy weather.

Doughnuts reached international acclaim during the Chicago World’s Fair in 1934, where the donut was billed as “the food hit of the Century of Progress”.  Also, during WWI the Salvation Army delivered freshly made donuts to US soldiers fighting in the trenches in France.  Used as a means of boosting morale and giving soldiers a taste of home, donuts became more popular than ever at home and abroad.

Where To Find a Donut Tour Near You

Donut Tours

Underground Donut Tours was started 7 years ago by a ‘donut fanatic’,  Jeff Woelker in Chicago.  He realized that the amazingly delicious donut was being overlooked in the foodie world, and he created the first donut tasting walking tour.  As they say…the rest is history, as today Underground Donut Tours are in major cities across the United States, in Canada and Europe.  The walking tours visit 4 unique donut shops over a two hour time span with multiple tastings at each stop. Here’s a look at where you can find a delicious donut tour near you:

United States Donut Tours

Boston – Historic Downtown Tour
New York – Downtown and Brooklyn Tours
Philadelphia – City Center Tour
Washington DC – Historic Tour
Miami – Oceanfront Tour
Nashville – Music City Downtown Tour
New Orleans – Historic Beignets and Donut Tour
Chicago – Original Downtown Tour
Las Vegas – Downtown and Fremont Street Tours
Seattle – Downtown Tour
Portland- Downtown Tour

Canada Donut Tours

Toronto – Kensington Market Tour
Vancouver – Downtown and Gastown Tour

Europe Donut Tours

London – Downtown Doughnut Tour
Dublin – Downtown Doughnut Tour

No matter where you roam, why not start your day with a sampling of delicious donuts and an interesting history city walking adventure!

Image Source:  Pixabay, Pixels




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