Guide to Planning Best Campervan Tour of Scotland

Scotland Campervan Road Trips

Scotland is one of the most beautiful and historically rich countries in the world, having something in store for all travellers regardless of their age, gender and nationality.

If you’re planning to spend a few days amid natural sites, surrounded by mountains and close to magnificent beaches, head to this heavenly country without a second thought. Instead of having a fixed routine and using public transport to move from city to city, consider using a campervan to maximise your travel and fun.

Scotland Campervan Road Trips

Scotland offers some of the most scenic drives in the world.  Roam amoung the highlands discovering famed lochs and stone castles or tote your clubs and play a round of golf at Scotland’s world renowned courses.  There’s not better way to experience Scotland than on a campervan road trip.

Good campervans come with world-class amenities, enough space to store all your necessary things, comfortable space for three to four people, and let you drive at your own pace without overthinking about time schedules. A trip to Scotland using a luxury campervan is the best trip you can have.

Go ahead and hire a camping van for your next tour around Scotland. Keep in mind these key points to avoid unnecessary troubles and ensure a great travel experience.

Have a Local Map

First and foremost, you want to have a proper map of the areas you plan to explore. Most campervan packages cover maps and other crucial things that can affect your day to day travel. But, it’s a good idea to have a word with your van provider in advance.

Most areas have online maps available, but internet access can be an issue in remote locations. It doesn’t hurt to have a paper map as a back-up. Clearing this doubt will keep any last moment hassle at bay and ensure you have a great time without getting lost.

Cross Check License Requirements

This is another crucial point that requires your attention. If you’re coming from any EU country, then you can use your local license and explore Scotland comfortably. All the non-EU residents have to follow the international license rules and are allowed to drive around the UK for up to 12 months.

You can find more critical information about license requirements here. Make sure you take a close look at all the points and follow them to stay within the law.

Have a Clear Idea of the Excess

The excess amount is the sum you’re liable to pay in case of any damage to the camper van you’ve hired. In most cases, camper vans are already fully insured for any damage or personal injury. But still, you should get clarity over this issue from the rental company before making the final payment.

Plan Your Trip from Start to Finish

Scotland castle ruin

Now that you have the local maps, license and travel insurance, the next step is to kickstart your journey with a proper plan.

A good place to start is to prepare a list of all the places you can’t miss, figure out how many days you wish to dedicate to the entire trip and how many days can be spent in each key destination. Don’t forget to research popular local activities and food you want to try in particular regions. This information can be easily found online. Dedicating a few hours now to shortlist your favorites places will save time during the road trip.

Scotland has so many glorious sites of historical, natural and cultural significance and some of the most scenic walking trails in the UK. Weather you’re following the footsteps of Jamie and Claire or charting your own course, having a proper plan and the perfect campervan will ensure not a single day is wasted while you’re on the move.

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