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5 Jan

Safe Faraway Places For Solo Female Travelers To Journey This Year

7 Safest Places for Solo Female Travellers

Solo Travel Tips

Solo female travelling is an incredible way to get the opportunity of knowing the real you while exploring a completely new environment. Though travelling alone seems a scary venture for women, it’s full of challenging, exciting, and empowering moments. Sure, you have to ask for a stranger to take picture of you, you can overwhelm while finding the right destination, and the list goes on. The good news is that there are countless welcoming and safest destinations for solo female travellers.

List of Best Places for Solo Female Travellers 

While you may feel inspired and pleased visiting any of the destinations, some of the places stand above the rest.

Galapagos, Ecuador

Only a few places in the world offer their travellers the opportunity to get such closeness to unique reptiles, sea critters, and birds without making them afraid of them. Since travellers visit this island to see the animals; you can easily meet the people of the same interest here. No matter if you are on this island for just cruising or a diving trip, you are sure to meet with like-minded people and enjoy an unforgettable trip. The best part about visiting this island is that you can make a great trip here even if you are on a limited budget.

Sunset Beach, Zanzibar

It’s an extremely safest place for solo female travellers for so many good reasons. Though your trip here may not be too cheap, it may delve you into a completely new universe. The baby blue waters and white sand beaches of Zanzibar are enough to leave you mesmerized in their beauty. From boating to swimming, and diving, there is a lot more to do fun on the sunset beaches of Zanzibar. As tourism is the major source of income of this island, the local authorities of Zanzibar take some serious safety precautions for their visitors.

Quebec, Canada

A place which is known to be the friendliest and safest tourist destination especially for solo female travellers. Quebec has abundant of enchanting and appealing things that catch the attention of its visitors in no time.  Best for the women who want an unforgettable road trip with excellent accommodations, tasty foods, friendly locals, and more. Visit this place to relax in the wonderful nature and experience the best hospitality, foods, and adventures in this beautiful place in Canada.

Athens, Greece

The capital of Greece, Athens is the most established centres of travel in Europe due to its traditional legacy. The city is extremely vibrant and offers its visitors a variety of breathtaking islands, contemporary culture, ancient temples, and more. With its friendly and helpful people, nothing is wrong with saying it is the safest place for solo female travellers. Whether you are a night owl, beach lover, history buff, foodie, or nature lover, Athens is a must-visit place you should try once in your life.

EI Chalten, Argentina

It’s the most popular hiking and trekking destination that attracts thousands of visitors all over the world. The best thing to visit this place is that you don’t need to go far to appraise the real beauty of mountains as most of the tracks start right in the EI Chalten. So, you can choose from a range of one-day hike or a multiple-day trek route. A remote and quiet place that is a perfect mix of nature and social opportunities, EI Chalten is the must-go destination for solo female travellers.

Istanbul, Turkey 

Travelling solo in Turkey can be the most wonderful adventurous trip for you. You will witness here a great atmosphere with the perfect mix of culture, architecture, trade routes, and more. It is a pretty safe place for solo female travellers, however, avoid hanging out alone in Takism late at night or after 10:00 pm. From making new friends, enjoying delicious foods, seeing the gorgeous landscapes, and hiking, Istanbul has a lot more things to offer for its visitors.

Tokyo, Japan

Maybe the language barrier makes you feel a little nervous at first, but everything from ordering food from a local restaurant to public transportation is so systematic and organized that can make your whole trip enjoyable. In Tokyo, there is a bundle of entertainment things including all kinds of museums, parks, and themed cafes where you can easily spend hours. Perhaps, it’s the best place to learn the art of dining alone.

Final Thoughts

The above-listed places are some of the incredible yet the safest places for solo female travellers. Depending on your interests, preferences, and budget, you can choose any place for your next trip. With the icy weather already making you crave to go out for a trip and explore new, you should not waste your time to pack your bags and find the real you.

Happy Travelling!

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