9 Hidden London Food Gems You Need to Try on Your Next Visit to London

London Hidden Foodie Gems

9 Hidden Foodie Gems in London Well Worth Discovering

For many decades, London was thought to have an uninspired culinary scene.  Highlights of British cuisine centered around Fish and Chips, Roast Beef and Scones.  But much to the delight of all, things have changed! Today, London cuisine is an exciting blend of flavors from across the globe.  With increased immigration into the British Isles, the flavors of London bloomed to include countless flavorful delights.  Here are some great suggestions of where to find 9 of London’s hidden food gems you need to try in 2023 – take a look below.


Cahoots is a 1940s-themed Cocktail bar situated in Soho, London. It’s set inside Kingly Court Station (an abandoned train station) and is made up of three spaces: Ticket Hall, The Underground, and Control Room. It lets you go back in time and enjoy a night as you would in the 1940s. They serve unique drinks, their menu is printed on classic Berlin-style newspapers, and they offer impeccable service and swing music. The time-travel experience will give you nothing but joy and fun, and perhaps a lot of laughter.

Petersham Nurseries 

This is a greenhouse that was turned into a tearoom and a bar. Petersham Nurseries is located in Richmond Upon Tames, though they have a new spot in Coven Garden. The space provides an enchanting atmosphere that will help you forget about your busy schedule and the fast-paced life you could be living, even if it’s just for lunch. Rediscover the pleasures of nature while enjoying a truly delicious meal at Petersham Nurseries.

Saint Aymes café 

Imagine yourself living in a world where roses, flowers, and magic thrive. If that’s something you’d fancy, Saint Aymes café is exactly that. It’s a gorgeous little spot in London that is covered in roses and other flowers. While it used to be a dry cleaner, the space now serves the best cake selection in the city. Don’t leave this bar without taking a killer Insta-photo – it will certainly turn you into a real trendsetter.


Attendant is one of those spaces you don’t see every day. Located about 5 minute’s walk away from Oxford Street, the brunch café is situated in a space that was formerly a Victorian toilet. For those turning your noses, don’t – the original Doulton & Co porcelain urinals were turned into some form of ornamental pieces, perfectly adorning the café’s eccentric vibe.

Patty and Bun Burgers 

Patty and Bun Burgers should be crowned the best burger place in London. The small red spot located in Goodge Street (though there are more all over the city) will directly take you to food heaven. If the photos of their burgers dripping with sauce don’t convince you, just check out their merchandise – their T-shirts and hoodies are some of the best outfits for the post-quarantine look!

Pergola Paddington 

As their motto says, “feet on the ground, head on the clouds”, Pergola Paddington is the place for dreamers looking to make the most out of London’s dreamy skyline. The space is located in a beautiful spot at 5 Kingdom Street, Paddington Central, and lets you enjoy good food, good company, and good music. Where else would anyone want to enjoy the sunset views in the Capital?

Bar Elba and the rooftop Cinema

Following the quarantine era, many people have not been to a movie theatre for quite some time; it’s likely you even forgot the feeling of enjoying a good film on a big screen. Now is the perfect time to go back to the good old habits and start going to the movies again. Choose what juicy drink you prefer and order one at Bar Elba, which is the first rooftop cinema in London, located in the heart of Waterloo.

Brasserie Zedel 

For gourmets and fans of eating out without ending up broke, you can find this brasserie a few steps from Piccadilly Circus. Brasserie Zedel will certainly delight your palate with traditional French food. Why not show off your French skills by ordering directly in French? Fancy drinks and live music will accompany your evening. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest restaurants in the area.

Maya Lounge

In the mood for something different? Maya Lounge is Located in Whetstone. With decades of culinary excellence the team at Maya Lounge London understand what it takes to assemble the best Lebanese cuisine in London. From shawarmas and falafel to our signature Grilled Baby Chicken (Farrouj Musahab).

Image:  Pexels.com

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