Best Ways to Find Off-The-Grid Camping Sites

Off Grid Camping Tips

Top Ways to Find Off-Grid Camp Sites

With the hectic pace of life, it’s not surprising that thousands of campers each year begin searching for peace and quiet off the grid. Camping in established areas is great for families and those new to the pastime, but many experienced campers search for the secret gems only found off the grid.

There is more to discover down the road less traveled than imagined. Taking your camping to the next level is an adventure not to be missed for experienced campers. There are unlimited possibilities, whether you want to find the perfect spot next to a river in a mountain valley or a secluded lake surrounded by lush forests.

For most campers, going off the grid is intimidating. But experienced campers will tell you it’s all about being prepared. Finding a site perfect for your RV setup or 4×4 rooftop tent from is easier than you think. You don’t have to wander blindly to find beautiful camping spots to call your own. Let’s take a closer look at a few ways to find the best off-grid campsites.

Explore National Forests

Nearly every country in the world has areas of forest, plains, or grasslands that their federal government protects. These areas are a haven for campers and outdoors enthusiasts. You can find beautiful campsites in many places at little to no charge. In the U.S., you can stay up to 14 consecutive days in the same spot before you need to vacate the spot. To find the best tucked away off-grid sites, visit your National Forests and request a map.

Online Apps

Most people plan their vacations online; it’s no different when searching for the best off-grid camping spots. Several online apps can help you to find unregistered sites around the world. Most platforms allow you to search via map or location and will give you basic details about the area. Some online travel apps like provide a network of off-grid locations recommended by other users. Some site pages include detailed directions, road conditions, regulations, and area photos.

Social Media Groups

No matter your interest, you can find an online social media group filled with people with similar tastes. It’s no different when it comes to off-grid camping. Search your social media accounts for off-grid camping groups and start making connections. You will find new site recommendations and even potential camping friends.

Bureau of Land Management Maps

The U.S. has millions of acres of BLM or Bureau of Land Management areas. Much of the western half of the country is classified as BLM land. Different offices manage many different sectors, so it’s important to research the areas that you visit. You can visit the Bureau of Land Management online and find useful maps, including service roads and potential campsites.

If you love to explore the hidden paths and backroads of the world, off-road camping could be the perfect adventure for you. Follow these tips to help you discover your next hidden gem of a camping spot. 


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