Discover Vibrant and Colorful Columbia: 10 Must-Visit Cities

Top Cities to Visit in Columbia

10 Colombian tourist cities you should visit

Columbia is a diverse and vibrant country in South America that offers visitors from coastal cities to the highlands and rainforests.  Explore the colonial architecture of its cities and trek through the lush Amazon rainforest, Columbia has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an adventure or just want to relax on its beautiful beaches and dine on local cuisine, there are plenty of reasons to visit Columbia. Here are some of the top reasons to visit and most popular destinations to discover in this amazing destination:

1. Minca

This town is a paradise if you like to be surrounded by nature. Here you can enjoy a visit to the La Victoria farm, one of the oldest and most extensive coffee plantations in the country.

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2. Taganga

Columbia South America

Unsplash Image by: Osar Ivan Esquivel Artea

This fishing village is tiny, but it has its charm. It is a place where you can enjoy water sports such as scuba diving. You can also find beautiful beaches. We recommend Playa Grande and Playa Rosita.

To take in one of the best sunsets in Taganga, you must eat at the Mirador Hotel Club Social.

3. San Andrés

This paradise is a small Colombian island, an excellent place for scuba diving. You can get different types of certificates. If you want to tour the island on your own, you can rent a golf cart and walk around town.

4. Cartagena

Cartagena Columbia

Unsplash Image by: ricardo-gomez-angel

Cartagena de Indias is one of Colombia’s most beautiful and well-known tourist cities. It stands out for its nightlife, cultural festivals, beaches, walled city, and colorful streets.

You can book some free tours to learn more about its history. These tours can be found in several cities in Colombia. You can have a different experience from the traditional way of traveling.

5. Medellín

The City of Eternal Spring is one of those tourist cities in Colombia that you have to visit. It has a perfect climate, friendly people, history, incredible gastronomy, and nightlife.

Some places you can’t miss are the Arví Park, the Botanical Garden of Medellín, the Casa de la Memoria Museum, and the Comuna 13.

6. Guatapé


Columbia Top Sites

Unsplash Photo by Miguel Valencia

Also known as the town of sockets, Guatapé is a picturesque municipality you can’t miss. It is ideal if you are tired of so many cities, as Guatapé is one of Colombia’s tourist towns with a lot of vegetation. One of the most famous attractions is Piedra del Peñol, where you will climb 649 steps to enjoy one of the most astounding views in the world.

7. Bogotá

Bogota Columbia Travel Tips

Bogotá is the capital of Colombia, which sprawls at a high altitude. It is also the largest city in the country. Its history and gastronomy are something you can enjoy while passing through Bogotá. Some of the most famous places in the town are Cerro Monserrate and the La Candelaria neighborhood.

8. Jardín

Jardín is a small town located about 130 kilometers from Medellín. It is a magical town that is ideal for visiting if you want to relax later. It is a beautiful place to admire its vast nature.

9. Manizales

This beautiful city is located in the heart of the coffee region. Besides being known for its impressive coffee farm tours, Manizales is called the City of Open Doors.

There are many things to enjoy here, from scenic hikes to cool evenings with delicious coffee.

10. Salento

Salento Columbia

Unsplash by: Jonny James

Salento is one of the most touristic towns in Colombia due to its picturesque architecture and the Cocora Valley. It is a beautiful place where you can camp if you wish. It is incredible to wake up and enjoy the sunrise surrounded by nature.

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