Thailand With Kids: Best Fun Family Activies in Pattaya

Pattaya Beach Thailand

Fun For The Whole Family In Friendly Pattaya, Thailand!

Pattaya is one of the world’s best travel destinations for families! This gem of a seaside town hosts a wide variety of fun things for people of all ages to do. Just a short hop from Bangkok, Pattaya is nestled on the east coast of the Bay of Thailand and has miles of tropical beaches to enjoy as well as plenty of shopping, and a wealth of entertainment and cultural attractions. On land or at sea, or even undersea, there is always something happening in Pattaya!

Once you and your family have checked into one of the spectacular private beach resorts in Pattaya you can begin your adventures! Here are some of the most popular family-oriented Pattaya attractions for you to consider, the only difficult question will be where to begin! Get ready to have some fun!

Mini Siam

This is a fascinating mini-park that features miniature recreations of various famous landmarks and historical buildings showcasing Thailand’s rich history from back when the country was known as Siam. You and your family can enjoy towering like you are giants over these shrunken-down replicas of iconic cultural sites like beautiful Wat Arun, the exquisite Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, and the venerable Wat Phra Kaew, known in English as the Temple of The Emerald Buddha and famed as Thailand’s most sacred Buddhist temple- the real thing is on every ‘must see in Thailand’ list! There are also a few miniaturized famous buildings from Europe like the Tower Bridge and the Eiffel Tower to loom over like a humongous Japanese movie monster! Fun photo opportunities abound!

Columbia Pictures Aquaverse

This movie-themed park and waterpark is the perfect place for the entire family to enjoy! The waterpark offers wave pools and a relaxing lazy river for you to float down, or you can dare the thrilling water slides that feature looping and twisting tubes guaranteed to excite! Some of these spectacular slides are meant for solo riders, while others allow the whole family to ride together on a giant inflatable tube! Every water slide has a movie connection, so you can slip and slide through a zany Ghostbusters adventure or brave the terrors of Zombieland! Do you need more pulse-pounding excitement? Hotel Transylvania’s silly scares and Jumanji’s jungle escapades are also on hand to give you plenty of fun and frights!

The Teddy Bear Museum

This kid-friendly museum is dedicated to everybody’s favourite toy, the lovable furry teddy bear! Here you can find the history of the charming teddy bear in all its various forms throughout the decades in one of the largest collections of these beloved stuffed animals on the planet! Teddy Bears of all shapes and sizes from many lands are on hand to delight children of all ages, and you can probably guess what the gift shop has on offer so your family can bring a little furry friend or two back to the hotel with them!

Legend Siam Pattaya

In this gorgeous theme park the meticulously crafted replicas of Thailand’s fascinating cultural past will tower over you! Gape up in awe at massive statues of the legendary beings that strode like giants through a thousand years of the kingdom’s rich history. The huge Lord Indra on the Airavata Elephant statue is a must-see, the powerful god riding atop his three-headed elephant never ceases to amaze! You will feel as if you have wandered into Thailand’s storied past, an experience that is both educational and exciting for the whole family!

Flower Land Pattaya

Who doesn’t love flowers? This spacious flower park is home to a rainbow of vibrant blossoms from Thailand and all over the world. Thailand is home to an incredible number of gorgeous flower species and they are all on display in living colour. The park also hosts ‘visiting’ flowers imported from a wide variety of countries, so you are sure to find your favourites here. The park is divided into different unique zones and domes each featuring its own special collection of species. There is even a lovely aquarium on site where you can view those flowers of the sea, the tropical reef fishes! Come enjoy the sights and scents of this refreshing wonderland of flowers!

Harbor Land Pattaya

Found within the huge Harbor Shopping Centre, this is Asia’s largest indoor playground! You and your kids can find fun and frolic on the giant slides and climbing walls, jungle gym ropes and swings, and much more! The friendly staff wear funny costumes and are always available for games and to put on impromptu performances. The best thing is, if the grown-ups get tired they can do some relaxing shopping while the youngsters burn off all that energy in the playground!

The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Pattaya page has more useful information on everybody’s favourite seaside town for you to check out. There’s so much to do, so pack your bags and come to Pattaya, we hope to see you and your family here soon!

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