10 Tips To Know When Planning A Trip to New York

New York City at Night

10 Things I Wish More People Knew About New York

New York is one of the most commonly visited destinations on the planet. Unfortunately, the vast majority of travelers only get to experience a small percentage of what New York has to offer.  Here are 10 things that you should know if you want to make the most of your upcoming adventure to New York.

It’s Not Just NYC

When visiting New York, most people think solely about NYC, but there are many amazing places to see throughout the state. Of course, no trip to New York is complete without seeing the bright lights of the city. Still, seeing everything the area has to offer and making the best use of your time there should be considered equally important.  Below we’ll take a look at important tips every traveling planning a trip to New York should know.

There Are Three Major Airports

When arriving in New York, there are three airports you may land at. They are John F. Kennedy International (JFK), LaGuardia (LGA), and Newark Liberty International (EWR). As was shown in that episode of Friends, there is a considerable distance between them. And it will impact the trip.

Your Accommodation Choice Is Crucial

The journey influences the start and end of the trip, but the location of your accommodation is vital for the rest of the adventure.  Whn visiting New York City, you’ll want to find a property in a safe location that is easy to go touring from. Finding the best hotel Upper West Side NYC has to offer will make the trip better. Starting and ending the day in luxury while having great access to the local attractions will work wonders. It’s one of your biggest decisions.

Cheap Eats Win The Day

New York Food Trucks

New York City is a place where fine dining is readily available, but there are also lots of ways to find affordable dining spots. You can certainly enjoy a fantastic meal with an incredible view over the city for the experience. However, street foods provide quick bites at affordable prices. New York’s pizza and food truck scene is known throughout the world but hot dogs, pretzels, and a host of other options are available.

Small Shows Can Be Amazing

A trip to Broadway is a bucket list item for many people, not least if your favorite show is in town. However, New York is blessed with a thriving arts and performance scene. Smaller venues show plays, stand up comedy, and a variety of other acts. You could discover the next big act before they get big. Art exhibitions are another fantastic form of entertainment.

Btoadway New York City

You Don’t Have To Line Up Forever

When attending big shows on Broadway, or major landmarks, the lines can be a problem. However, pre-booking tickets allows you to bypass this issue. Moreover, you should find that booking in advance often secures the best prices. If nothing else, it helps you build a clear itinerary to guarantee that you make the most of every day of your stay.

The Subway Is Better Than Taxis (Mostly)

Riding in a big yellow taxi is another bucket list item for many. That’s great but it can be expensive and time-consuming to do it throughout the city. Thankfully, the New York subway system is one of the world’s best. Familiarize yourself with the lines before your arrival and navigating the city will be far easier.  You may want to limit your time in the subway to daylight hours.

Sports Aren’t Just For Die Hard Fans

Yankee Stadium New York City

New York is home to the Knicks, Jets, Yankees, Rangers, Mets, and NYCFC., so sports fans will never be short of events to see. However, even if you’re not a major fan and don’t know the rules, attending a live game will make for a great experience. The atmosphere is simply electric while the ability to say you saw the superstars in action is pretty cool.

You Don’t Always Have To Spend Money

While entertainment and attractions are available at every turn, you don’t have to spend money at all times. A trip to Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, or the High Line are all great options. Likewise, you can walk through Times Square and other popular public places without spending money. Taking in the sights, street culture, and people feels amazing.

A Weekend Just Isn’t Long Enough

Finally, many city breaks are fine for a weekend. When visiting New York, though, you should want to visit for at least a week. This is especially true when you want to explore the state. Even if you want to stay in NYC, though, each day is a new adventure. Even if you stayed for several weeks, you’ll never feel like you’ve had too much.


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