Ultime Guide to the Best Hiking Trails in the Spanish Pyrenees

Top Pyrenees Hiking Trails

Best Hiking Trails in the Pyrenees Mountains of Spain

I used my experience growing up in Spain to rank the best hiking trails in the Spanish Pyrenees. My father was a mountaineer and taught me everything about the Pyrenees.  I learned about each trail’s distinctive aspects thanks to many hours in these mountains. There’s something for every person regardless of if you’re a novice or an expert hiker.

In this article, I will point out the highlights, best tips, and must-see places of the best hiking trails in the Spanish Pyrenees.  So, put on your hiking boots, pack your gear, and explore the best hiking trails in the Spanish Pyrenees.

Ordesa Valley

Pyrenees Hiking Tips

Explore the stunning Ordesa Valley with an 18 km round trip hike to the Cola de Caballo waterfall in Spain’s Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park. It sits amidst colorful autumn landscapes and offers breathtaking views of glacier-carved valley walls and cascading waterfalls, such as Arripas and Estrecho.

This is a classic trail that thousands of people hike each year. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you can expect rich flora and fauna. While it can get crowded in summer, it’s kid-friendly with well-maintained paths.

For a different return route, follow the trail along the left bank of the Arazas River. Consider the more challenging Circular route via Faja de Pelay for a less crowded and spectacular adventure. Enjoy the journey!


Pyrenees Hiking Tips

Explore the beautiful trail from the parking lot of Espot’s natural park to discover Lake San Mauricio’s beauty, the cascading Ratera Waterfall, and the wonderful Lake Ratera. Make sure to visit the panoramic viewpoint near Lake San Mauricio and the lesser-visited Estany Dels Barbs and Estany de la Munydera.

The hike will also take you to Lake Gran D’Amitges and its refuge. Choose the less-traveled route for your return journey, which provides breathtaking lake views.

Start your hike early, and be sure to bring water, snacks, and comfortable gear. Check the weather beforehand, and remember to capture the beautiful scenery with your camera. Enjoy the diverse landscapes on this unforgettable journey.

Irati Forest

Pyrenees Hiking Tips

It is the second-largest beech and fir forest in Europe and is well-preserved. Take a leisurely hike of 10 kilometers and 3 hours through the lush forests and around the stunning Irabia reservoir. Start from Ochagavia, then take a charming road of 15 kilometers to arrive at the Irate Parking area and follow trail 63.

You will discover a variety of wildlife, such as birds, foxes, and wild boars, among diverse flora. Irati’s dynamic landscape changes with each season, providing a distinct experience all year round.

Don’t miss the Interpretation Center located in Ochagavía. Irati Forest offers an opportunity to witness natural wonders and connect with nature through its marked trails of various difficulties.

Anayet Lake

Pyrenees Hiking Tips

Planning a challenging hike in the breathtaking Pyrenees of Aragon? Look no further than Anayet Peak. This peak is a must-visit for hikers and mountaineers. Nested in the stunning Aragonese Pyrenees, Anayet has a unique charm. From the summit, you’ll enjoy awe-inspiring views of iconic peaks such as Garmo Negro, los Infiernos, la Marmolera, and more.

Anayet is not only a mountain but also the remains of a Permian-era volcano, with the caldera forming itself into the peak.

Don’t be deceived, though. Despite claims of its ease, inexperienced hikers and children should avoid this trek due to difficult sections, such as the chain area and the summit chimney. Ensure your safety and enjoy the journey!

Roses to Cadaqués

Pyrenees Hiking TIps

The GR-92, Camí de Ronda, along the Catalan coast has a 21.67km trail from Roses to Cadaqués. To avoid the summer heat, begin early and bring enough water and snacks. Visit historical sites such as Castell de la Trinitat and scenic beaches like Canyelles Petites and Canyelles Grosses.

As you move southeast, the path becomes more adventurous, leading to secluded coves and World War II-era coastal batteries. Explore hidden gems such as Cala del Lledó, Cala Murtra, and Cala Rostella. Visit Cala Monjoi and its well-known restaurant, and trek up and down for breathtaking views before reaching the charming and picturesque town of Cadaqués, once frequented by Salvador Dalí.

A boat trip will offer you a unique viewpoint. This is the most unique trail on the list since it’s the only one that will get you off the mountains and into the beach.

Mallos de Riglos

Pyrenees Hiking Tips

This scenic trail starts at the parking lot in Riglos, Spain. It is clearly marked and passes by the foot of Mallo Pisón, with warnings for climbers. The valley between Mallos de Pisón and Firé is a perfect destination for climbers.

There are beautiful viewpoints near Roseta Refuge and Peña Rueba for capturing great photos. The trail has easy and undulating sections alongside the cliffs, and a sidetrack for a Pyrenees viewpoint.

Remember always to follow the marked paths and avoid taking shortcuts that are not necessary. Enjoy your adventure while showing respect for the environment and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Ayous Lakes

Pyrenees Hiking Tips

This hike forms a circle and takes you to five incredible lakes. Among them the Lac Gentau which reflects Midi d’Ossau, an icon of the region. Keep in mind that no dogs, camping, fires, biking, or hunting are allowed.

Make sure to see the largest lake, Lac Bersau, and hike Pic d’Ayous for a breathtaking view of the park. Hike up the Pic de les Arougos from Col d’Ayous for a breathtaking view of Midi d’Ossau. This trek is a must-do for GR-10 and High Pyrenean Route (H.R.P.) fans. You will witness the Pyrenees’ picturesque sceneries and stunning natural beauty in this unforgettable adventure.

What to do next

These trails are more than just paths through nature; they’re gateways to unforgettable experiences.

Now, it’s time for you to take action. Don’t let these trails remain mere words on your screen. Grab your hiking gear, plan your trip, and set out to conquer these mountains.

To prepare for your adventure, check out these guides.


About the Author:  I’m Daniel Espada, creator of geardventure.com. Born in Spain, I grew up loving outdoor adventures. From biking in my hometown to skiing in the Pyrenees, my passion for the outdoors runs deep. As an engineer turned adventurer, I explore the world sharing gear recommendations and inspiring fellow adventurers.



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